TODAY   |  February 05, 2013

The Scottos make dinner easy with one-pot meals

Warm up during the cold winter months with simple and delicious dinners you can whip up using just one pot. The Scottos demonstrate how to make Italian wedding soup, beef short rib stew, and sweet Italian sausage with peppers and onions without making a mess of your kitchen.

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>>> this morning on cooking with the scotto family, warm, hot meals to warm you up on these cold winter days. fresco by scotto and particularly frisky this morning, i have to say.

>> we are.

>> let's get right into it.

>> we're beginning with this, done with shrimp. risotto is done with italian rice, chicken broth . you have to do tender loving care.

>> it takes a lot of time, too.

>> it takes a lot of time. you have to stand by the saute pot. this is our star this morning, italian wedding soup . that has been in our family for years and years and years. now every wedding, italian wedding soup . and we even begin valentine's day in the restaurant with italian wedding soup . of course. so we start with our onion and our garlic. we saute.

>> nice and brown.

>> and then we do celery carrot squash. any vegetable.

>> can you quarter them any size?

>> i like it diced. it cooks faster. and then you put your chicken broth in. this is two quarts. you let it stay a while. we can't let it stay too long. these are my meatballs. again, the meatballs are done in the soup. they're half chicken and half veal and a little grated cheese and pepper. soup shoulding boiling when you put it in. it cooks about ten minutes, that's all. it's bite sized. valentine's day, you know. you can't chew too much.

>> there is garlic in there. you have to be careful.

>> no, no, not in the meatballs, no! just in the foundation.

>> right, right, right.

>> and as she pointed out, this is okay for a second wedding.

>> are you married, will?

>> i am, yes.

>> okay, forget it.

>> we were going to have it at the restaurant but now forget it.

>> i was going to cook you a pot if you were getting married. go ahead, go on down.

>> all right. what's next?

>> what's next?

>> i love short bread.

>> one pot. we have this on valentine's day at fresco. i brown off the short ribs. using all the gristle, garlic and onion, cook that down for a couple of minutes. add a little beef stock .

>> beautiful.

>> take a little bit of that red wine you have there, please.

>> okay.

>> thank you so much, sir. and then we'll let that settle down for about -- we'll put the beef back in, i apologize. cover it for about half an hour, 45 minutes. let it simmer. you go back. an hour before you serve this, add all your vengetables. cover again one hour. sorry. cover for one hour, salt and pepper .

>> so an hour after the vegetables?

>> an hour and an hour again.

>> after the vegetables.

>> absolutely delicious.

>> i love short ribs.

>> here is the deal. sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes, classic.

>> you got me here.

>> even though it's one pot it still takes a bit longer to cook than any of these other dishes.

>> okay.

>> i brown my sausage. i use my oil from the sausages now to cook my onion. so the idea is you cook each thing individually and now i will do the peppers. and once everything is done, we'll also do the potatoes, another round. my family took up all the time, so we probably won't get to the peppers.

>> it was the wedding soup .

>> don't you love family businesses?

>> i'm going on my second wedding. mom told me no meatballs.

>> oh, take out the meatballs.

>> i swear, willie --

>> spent all the money on the first wedding, i'm taking the meat out. anyway, put everything back in the pot. ba balsamiv vinegar to give it a little sweetness.

>> looks gorgeous.