TODAY   |  February 05, 2013

Tiffani Thiessen: ‘I work with the nicest people’

The actress talks about the fourth season of “White Collar,” which she says gets “more and more exciting each season,” and raves about her co-stars, saying “I’m really blessed” to work with them. She also shows off photos of her adorable daughter.

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>> and more current, she co-stars in the hit show " white collar " on usa network . new episode tonight on usa at 10:00 , 9:00 central. great to have you here. we'll keep you busy. we've got wild animals .

>> love that.

>> we'll go upstairs and cook.

>> love that.

>> and trivia game for you.

>> an opportunity to be killed and also you get to eat.

>> we're reliving the '90s so this should be right up your alley.

>> and there's a 12-foot python over there.

>> i want that right here. i do.

>> what's it like being on " white collar "?

>> it's great. it seems to get more and more exciting every season. and i say this all the time. i truly am blessed to work with the nicest people in the business. and we get to work in your city.

>> so how dreamy is matt?

>> natalie was saying she gets lost in his eyes.

>> so do you, willie.

>> it's impossible.

>> watch the promos.

>> throw up your hands and give up.

>> it used to be all about my blue eyes . now it's his. whatever.

>> need gps just to get by.

>> the show just renewed for a fifth season. big success. there's a plot little bit.

>> basically an unlikely partnership between an fbi agent and a con artist and how they work together to solve the white collar crimes .

>> you play the wife of the fbi agent.

>> who has a sort of soft spot for the con man?

>> she's the voice of reason on the show, seeing both sides and constantly trying to make them work even better. it's a marriage really. they're married as well.

>> speaking of a marriage, you're also a mom, married. and you have the 2 1/2-year-old daughter.

>> i do, harper, yeah.

>> how hard is that to balance it all? i'm sure you get that question all the time.

>> as most moms do. there she is, my little peanut. adorable.

>> so cute.

>> she is cute.

>> looks a lot like you.

>> she has a good mixture of both my husband and i, which is kind of fun. you know what? she has been coming to new york and traveling since she was 6 weeks old. she doesn't know any different. i like to have her with me all the time. if it's a short trip, i keep her home but she comes to us with new york every time we come.

>> and she's sparing you the terrible 2twos you said, so far.

>> she's been good but i hear that the threes are harder.

>> totally.

>> we'll have a different conversation next year.

>> little summer fun .

>> she's a feisty little one, too.

>> you can see a new episode of " white collar " tonight