TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

Betty Crocker’s classic recipes get a vegan twist

Author Dan and Annie Shannon give some of Betty Crocker’s classics a vegan twist, making dishes like pesto chicken and vegetables and sweet potato risotto that are perfect for a tasty winter dinner.

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>> back now on "today's kitchen" what's cookin, and today we're putting betty crocker on a vegan diet .

>> many of you go meatless on mondays, and dan and annie promised that with these delicious recipes, we're not going to mess the meat.

>> really, dan? snoo really. you're not going to mess it.

>> betty goes vegan.

>> it's got a very, very hit row look to it. it's cute.

>> it does.

>> what are we making today?

>> we're starting with vegan chicken and pesto sandwiches. you can get vegan chicken in my local grocery store. it's made out of soy. like a veggie burger , but made to taste like chicken. we mushrooms and tomato, zucchini and olive and some pine nuts .

>> stick it all many there.

>> we're going to use pesto to give us nice flavor.

>> love pesto.

>> i could eat pesto at everything. fwoo we have a nice pesto res piece in the book. we have garlic. and some pink himalaya salt, which is the best salt for seasoning vegetables. mroo it replace the oil that come from cooking regular chicken.

>> this isn't about getting calories. this is about -- what's the main point of being vegan -- being meatless? what's the point? what's the greatest benefit?

>> i think everybody has their own, like, reason why they go vegan. for us we love animals, and we don't want to eat them. some people want to lose weight. some people they care about their cholesterol. it's whatever your reason is.

>> whatever your reason is. okay. what are you doing?

>> we're going to take these and bake them in the oven in tin foil pouchs.

>> oh, like this.

>> staems together.

>> for how long?

>> for about 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes .

>> okay. good.

>> quick and easy to make. you could have whipped up a batch of these during the super bowl blackout.

>> you're making sandwiches out of it?

>> we unload our pact, and make your sandwiches up.

>> we like to keep it nutritious as possible.

>> that one is going to be crunchier than you might expect.

>> then you can top it off with some peppercinnis.

>> there's a lot of oil in there.

>> leave that in the packet.

>> moisture from the vegetables, kath. not oil.

>> they steam up, and that's how you get your vegetables to be all nice and flavorful.

>> you put some of the hot stuff on there?

>> however many you want.

>> looking nice.

>> you are good to go.

>> shall we head around back after we finish making these up?

>> come on back.

>> it looks delicious.

>> okay. we'll go around back.

>> okay.

>> i want to grab this. thank you.

>> what are we whipping up back here, sweetie?

>> we're going to make sweet potato risotto. you are going to take a dutch oven and add white wine and set that to a simmer. you're going to add some diced red onion , and you're going to add -- well --

>> back off.

>> i don't want to think about cooking.

>> and then we're going to while that's sort of cooking, we're going to let the red onion cook down a little bit.

>> uh-huh.

>> we're going to mash some sweet potato .

>> look what she's doing. neat.

>> we only have a few seconds left.

>> i know. i'm hurrying here.

>> dump it in there.

>> and we'll start eating, shall we?

>> then it just keeps -- you -- what do you do?

>> you add the risotto rice and it kwoox cooks for 20 minutes and add vegetable broth. add all your seasonings. sfwoo we're iffing to finish it while we go to break. tomorrow, you guys, catherine