TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

‘Stunning’ young woman drops 143 pounds

TODAY’s diet and nutrition editor Joy Bauer introduces Lisa Smith as the newest member of the Joy Fit Club, who lost 143 pounds after her mom encouraged her to join a weight loss program.

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>> team now for another installment of look at me now, the joy fit club .

>> our newest member is 25-year-old lisa smith who lost a whopping 143 pounds and changed her whole life. let's take a look at her story.

>> my name is lisa smith, and i have had weight problems since i was 10. my mom took me to nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, and i tried a lot of popular diet programs, but nothing worked because i would always sneak food and exercise was difficult due to chronic back pain. my weight skyrocketed after i got married and moved out of my childhood home. in three years i gained 113 pounds mostly from dining at restaurants and eating huge portions of fast food . my parents encouraged me to lose weight , but i wasn't able to make the mental commitment. i didn't want to face the fact that my eating was out of control. in april 2011 my mom finally convinced me to attend my first weight watchers meeting. she told me that if i didn't do something, i was going to die. sense my first meeting, i have lost 143 pounds by replacing high fat and high sodium restaurant meals with healthier home cooked options. i make healthy dinners on sunday to last throughout the week, and my husband prepares and packs healthy lunches for us every morning. when i first started my weight loss junior where i, i could barely walk. i now swim and walk regularly. i want to inspire others to eat healthy in their youth to set a firm foundation for their future.

>> what a doll. before we ask lisa to come out, we want to say hello to the leader of our pack, joy.

>> you are about to meet the stunning young woman who has literally transformed her entire life. you won't even believe it's the same person you just saw on the tape. she's very committed together with her husband to cooking these healthy lower calorie meals at home.

>> however, she also still frequents occasionally on the weekends the fast food chains, and i want to show you what she does because she's so strategic. when she hits kfc she used to get the about 490 calories --

>> the ones that taste good.

>> now she's going for the grilled. it still has the skin on it, but 220 calories, right?

>> that saves a lot.

>> when she hits domino's she ugt to get the regular slice, 640 calories for both. if you order their artisan line, it's a little smaller and thenner crust. 320 calories.

>> wow.

>> that is really good.

>> yeah.

>> and with mcdonald's, this is the angus beef bacon and cheeseburger, right? almost 800 calories.

>> this looks good to me. look at the wrap next to it.

>> it's the same thing, but in the snack wrap . it's still the angus beef , bacon, and cheese, but 390 calories.

>> you have to --

>> come here.

>> this is lisa 's before picture. all right. lisa , come join the joy fit club .

>> oh, my god.

>> oh.

>> gorgeous.

>> you look awesome.

>> how are you?

>> wow.

>> are you working. you know it.

>> how long did it take you, leeza, to take off all the weight?

>> it took me 88 weeks.

>> you are counting the weeks, right?

>> and exercise is a part of your regimen as well?

>> yes. i exercise with swimming and walking, and it mepz helps a lot.

>> besides the fact that you are stunning, how has it changed your life?

>> just daily activities that you wouldn't think would make a big difference, but it does. like just putting on your shoes in the morning or getting out of bed.

>> wow.

>> your husband is right around the corner zoosh how in love is he?

>> ah, sweet.

>> very sweet.

>> wow.

>> does she seem like a different person to you?

>> she does. in fact, the beauty that she had inside when i met her is now displayed outward.

>> ah.