TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

Jenny McCarthy: I’m a bit of a ‘dirty bird’

Talk show host Jenny McCarthy tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about her new late night talk show, where she shows off her “dirty bird” side, and says she used to be a serial dater but is still looking for the right man.

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>>> the most gorgeous women in hollywood who never seems to age. makes you a little bit crazy.

>> yes, it does.

>> she even posed for "playboy" again just before turning 40.

>> this mom has also written eight books, seven of them on the "new york times" best selling list.

>> she's living.

>> she's about to launch her own friday night talk show . it is called the jenny mccarthy show . take a look.

>> cute.

>> so crazy.

>> welcome.

>> thank you.

>> she goes i'm a single mom . i needed a job. come on. nobody believes that.

>> it was a long time in the making, and i have been waiting for this job. i haven't found one that fit me best in hollywood, and talk show , i have been in that circuit of trying to get one going, and i realized where i could be my most authentic self is in late night . i am a little bit of a dirty bird sometimes.

>> a little naughty.

>> i haven't bleeped on your show, but still the show is pg-13. i have a son that's 10, and he will be in the greenroom, so i can't go too far. one of the things i tried to mimic was "playboy" after dark where hef did welcome to my late night party. a little sammy davis junior .

>> that would be quite --

>> i do have the long island psychic coming on the show. i just wanted to make it a party fun atmosphere, and i even do interviews where i lay on the ground.

>> i don't understand that. so you're on the ground. what happens?

>> it can be quite tricky and stuffy and not their authentic self. i did a little trick with bradley cooper . i want to trick him real good. and i did this thing where i lay on the ground, and he held up a flip cam, and we did this interview face-to-face, and i held on to this for a few years saying i want to kind of put the celebrities on the ground and do this groundbreaking interview, and we do it now on the show, and it turned out to be a -- the best segment on the show.

>> great, great.

>> when you say let's do this, are they all pretty much game?

>> they say, come on. we just lay down and hold up the flip cam, and i get this interview, this very conversational and really different.

>> yes.

>> they feel like they're with their shrink.

>> yeah, right.

>> let's talk about your singleness. you were doing a show called love in the wild.

>> then one called singled out.

>> what's going on with you in the men department?

>> i don't know what's going with me.

>> what's the problem really? is it you?

>> i don't know. i wish someone would tell me. my sister probably here would say yes, it is. you know, i am a serial dater. i had the next one lined up. this is the first time in my life that i'm going, you know what, i'm going to take some time for me because the order was like this for single moms. work so you can pay the bill, evan, and then a boy, and that boy has to be so good he is going to take time away from number two? you better --

>> how about we go for a man instead of a boy?

>> i know.

>> that was a little faux pas . yes, yes. you don't want -- you need -- you know what i mean .

>> no, no, no. i mean, you're right. there's a few people that i find very interesting right now. we should see.

>> well, don't let us know because it will spoil everything.

>> we we should you the best of luck with your show.

>> it begins this friday night