TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

Sneak a peek inside homes of Elton John, Will Ferrell

Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest magazine shares a special glimpse inside the homes of Elton John, Will Ferrell, and John Legend.

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>>> latest issue of architectural digest takes a peek inside celebrity homes. margaret, good morning.

>> good morning. are these celebrities eager to have you come inside their home and take photographs?

>> they are. it's a lot of fun to go and show another sign of a celebrity. it's very surprising.

>> let's take a look at elton john 's place, the new place in los angeles . tell us about it.

>> new place in los angeles is a kid-friendly home. that's the biggest change. they now have zachary, who is 2, and a newborn, elijah. this house is all about privacy and it's a real sanctuary for them. people in the public eye, it's nice to know they can have a place where they can kick back and enjoy their family and their friends. this place is so sunny and cheerful. it's really built around art. elton john has an extraordinary art collection , collecting art glass , paintings, and photography.

>> and shoes, apparently.

>> and shoes. those are his shoes.

>> his bedroom looks something like a museum. is that fair to say?

>> it's fair to say he has one of the most important collections of photographs. for the first time they're all displayed in one place. that house is all about the art. elton told us it's really all about the kids and everything is very child friendly, indoor/outdoor fabrics.

>> his child friendly looks different than my child friendly.

>> yes. it's about as casual as you can get if you're elton john .

>> absolutely. let's take a look at will ferrell 's place, new york city apartment. used to be a printing factory, i guess.

>> it's a loft downtown. will ferrell is a funny guy. you would not expect him to be so chic. look at this place. it is really, really sophisticate sophisticated. he is also an architecture, and his wife really loves a lot of antiques, filled with mid-century furniture, worked with l.a. modern auctions for a long time. she knows her stuff. this is also a kid-friendly place. they have three little boys between the ages of 3 and 8. that's one of their bedrooms. the wall there is coverd with recycled newspaper, one of their favorite things, they said.

>> really cool. simple modern look it looks like.

>> uh-huh.

>> let's go to another one. john legend . he has kind of cool tastes. what does his place look like?

>> so cool and so john legend . he was so excited about decorating. he workd with don stewart , who he met through kanye west . this place is so fun to photograph. little bit of an exotic vibe. he actually has a recording studio at home. a lot of new furniture, old furniture. but it has a great sense of warmth.

>> and he has a zen garden in the back as well?

>> he does have a zen garden . a lot of terraces around the house.

>> very cool. fun look inside celebrity homes. margaret russell , thanks so much.