TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

DIY Valentine gifts for your special someone

We’re only 10 days away from Valentine’s Day, and if you still haven’t purchased a gift from a loved one, Jodi Levine of Martha Stewart Living is here to help. She demonstrates some simple Valentine’s Day crafts you can make to give a gift from the heart.

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>>> this morning on "today" celebrates valentine's day, homemade gifts with a very personal touch. jodi levine joins us. good to have you here.

>> good to be here.

>> this idea comes from photos.

>> people are taking so many pictures nowadays on their phones and so many great apps help you easily turn them black and white . we used a lot of photography in our valentine's.

>> first a little sweet treat but first with that personal touch.

>> we found these cute boxes online that are clear.

>> where did you find these?

>> we printed the pictures on vellum, which is cool because it's transluscent. you take your box lid, trace it, cut out the circle. i'll show you how to put it in the box. it's so easy. take a glue stick , couple of dabs of glue. you don't even need to use a lot. the paper is very lightweight. you pop it on the lid. i did the wrong side. you pop just a couple of dabs.

>> you also made delicious-looking cookies.

>> you could fill these with homemade treats or go to the store and get candy, whatever you want to do. see how cute that is?

>> gorgeous. all right. i'll move on to my next project here. jewelry.

>> this is a sweet way to give a photograph. it's a very sentimental gift. the craft store instead of the jewelry store. jewelry making aisle of the craft store, a modern necklace here. that would be cool for a grandma, one with each grand kid.

>> tiny picture to go in there.

>> they have all different sizes. we had a lot of fun finding photographs where they interact with a locket as a way to present it. you see there's a picture right here with a baby. and it looks like the baby is holding the locket. this is a cute way to present it.

>> i like that idea.

>> i get stationary? tell me what to do here.

>> sending out valentines you can do a stationary upgrade. we love the way high-end stationary has that tipped edge, bright pop of color. this is an effect you can get at home. take a straight edge ruler. these pens are very vibrant and bright. if you just line -- put your ruler to the and edgy rub the marker back and forth.

>> what color are we using here?

>> bright orange. love these bright colors for valentine's day and take sticky paper. these stickers at the craft store cut a stamp edge.

>> i love that.

>> regular cards or envelopes.

>> dresses it up a little bit. gives it a little pop. al, making pillows, his favorite.

>> first these bags. personalized bags.

>> these canvas pouchs are great. there's no sewing. they're prebought. you can get fabric that goes into your ink jet printer . we printed this on to the fabric and then ironed it on to the facing.

>> it turns it into like a patch. i'm going to lay it on here. you don't want to put your iron on to the photograph. take a scrap fabric, give it a little iron. and use a very hot iron, no steam.

>> you don't have to buy a new piece of equipment.

>> no, you have it. and you probably have an ink jet printer . and you're done. you can even put a gift inside of it.

>> gift within a gift.

>> yes.

>> and you can make pillows.

>> yes.

>> guys love a pillow.

>> can't get enough.

>> on the bed, 30, 40 pillows.

>> 20 pillows.

>> that would be terrific.

>> go over there, al. sit on that chair.

>> yeah.

>> they have this nice linen that goes into your ink jet printer .

>> it goes right on the pillow?

>> yes. we soed it into a very simple pillow.

>> who are these people?

>> friends and family.

>> do they even know they're on a pillow?

>> probably not.

>> thank you very much.

>> willie is really into the project.