TODAY   |  February 03, 2013

Baltimore vs. San Fran: Best Super Bowl sandwich

With Lester Holt and Erica Hill forming team San Francisco and Dylan Dreyer and Tom Llamas making team Baltimore, chef Kenny Callaghan coaches the TODAY team through the battle of Super Bowl sandwiches, whipping up grilled cheese on sourdough and beef with horseradish mayonnaise.

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>>> from gator aid to sandwiches, time for today's kitchen super bowl style. no matter which team you are cheering for, we are going to find out whether san francisco or baltimore will win in the battle. here to help us do that, pit master, kenny cal abegan, executive chef.

>> what makes these sandwiches unique representatives of their perspective cities?

>> san fran versus baltimore . san francisco is famous for bread and green goddess dressing . this is my take. it is like a grilled cheese on steroids.

>> how can you go wrong with that?

>> this is the green goddess dressing . you can scoop some africa go. anchovies.

>> i never realized that was in it.

>> it gives it a little salty flavor.

>> you can help me assemble the sandwiches, a little sourdough, two pieces. spread some green goddess on there liberally. both sides. two or three nice slices of mozzarella.

>> with sourdough, it is a classic san francisco .

>> when i go to san fran , i go right to the wharf, i get some sourdough and an anchor steam.

>> really great.

>> put that right on there.

>> this one is really to come off.

>> a little panini, smush it down. we are ready to go. here are some finished ones.

>> we can't win a sandwich face-off if we don't --

>> what's going on in baltimore ?

>> blue smoke is a barbecue joint here in manhattan. we have a couple locations. this is baltimore barbecue. you can help me out. this is called tiger sauce, mayonnaise, horseradish, a little lemon juice , sour cream. whisk that together. here we have some beef. a nice kaiser roll . spread some tiger sauce on there.

>> what kind of beef is this?

>> i'm using top sirloin. put a little bit of a dry rub on it and smoke it over charcoal.

>> i am going to throw some onions on here too.

>> raw onion, the classic baltimore pit beef sandwiches, the tiger sauce. pile it nice.

>> so we have ten seconds to try our sandwiches.

>> either way, thank you.

>> both places are a winner today.

>> we're going to take a little taste. kenny callahan, thank