TODAY   |  February 03, 2013

Duchess of Cambridge debuts baby bump

Photos of Duchess Catherine wearing a cape on a shopping trip appear to show the beginnings of a baby bump. The Duchess is now more than three months pregnant and is reportedly recovering well from the extreme sickness she was suffering when the pregnancy was first announced. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> of the dutchess of cambridge. she has been laying pretty low since we learned she is expecting. you knew that couldn't last forever. that's right. there are now perhaps just slightest little hint of a baby bump in the picture.

>> reporter: a picture is splashed across the british tabloids with the headline, kate's baggy bump. if you look closely, she does look like she is finally showing as she carries the most anticipated baby in the world and her cheeks seem fuller as well. the dutchess of cambridge is now more than three months pregnant. apart from this outing with husband, william, to inspect her portrait at a london gallery, she has kept outof sight preferring to stay at home frustrating royal watchers and a nation eager of information. the announcement of her pregnancy was tainted by the tragedy that followed with the death of a nurse that was caught up in a hoax phone call made by two australian radio d.j.s. royal sources say she is recovering well from the extreme morning sickness she suffered early in her pragegnancy.

>> she is back to normal in many respects. her morning sickness seems to have passed. she wants to show the world she is not ill, just pregnant. she wants to carry on promoting her charity engagements.

>> in the meantime, refurbishment of the royal couple's new home is nearly complete. william spent his early years here. his new baby will too. one thing seems clear, kate will not adopt the figure-hugging attire loved by some celebrities during pregnancy. she will go for the baggy, floaty look, perhaps more dignified for a future queen.