TODAY   |  February 03, 2013

Brian Williams previews the Puppy Bowl

If your team isn’t in the big game tonight, or you’re just not a football fan, you might want to consider the fuzzy game day alternative Animal Planet’s ninth Puppy Bowl. NBC’s Brian Williams takes a sneak peek at this year’s competition.

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>>> millions of football fans will watch the super bowl tonight. the big game is not for everybody. brian williams got a behind the scenes look at animal planet 's counter attempt at programming.

>> reporter: it would be nice to think actual nfl refs did this before the game , this being the puppy bowl , he is an actor and a good one. all we're really interested in is the moment when the command goes out and the guests of honor arrive.

>> when people walk in this room, what do they usually say at first?

>> i think they are usually surprised by how small it is. the puppies end up looking kind of big on it.

>> reporter: the puppies job as they say it is to love anyone with a pulse on the field on this tiny sound stage on the west side of manhattan , they do everything puppies do at home, they drink, wrestle and pee on the easy to clean surface and do other things that puppies do at home.

>> they have to poop, poop patrol come on in.

>> we have many personal fouls. we try not to get those exposed too much.

>> reporter: there is a half time show of kittens, which some people find ex ploy tiff, others find it empowering to the kittens. back to the action and the real reason we are here, a field of dreams , a room full of puppies. it was one in particular, pearl, who really got to us and our relationship escalated quickly. in my own defense, she was all over me.

>> oh, stop kissing me. okay. if you must. importantly, these are shelter dogs, all 63 of them. because right down to their individual player profiles on the web, they are all so irresistible. that's one of the frustrations that viewers have of this taped in advance.

>> the people that don't know the lead time and they call in and e-mail you and say, i want to adopt you and pearl is already in a happy home situation.

>> your home.

>> at least you can assure people they all go live in good homes. they all go to happy, healthy homes.

>> if your team isn't in the big game sunday, if there are too many penalty timeouts, you may consider this the warm and fuzzy game day alternative.

>> you are ridiculously cute. scared