TODAY   |  February 02, 2013

Jenna Wolfe gifts co-anchors with NOLA goods

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe showed off the hat and mask she planned to gift NBC’s Tom Llamas, who has been standing in for her at the news desk while she’s in New Orleans. “That could change my career,” Llamas said of his gifts. Wolfe has other goodies for her co-anchors, including an oversized red hand for TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer to help her with the weather reports.

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>>> new orleans for a final check with jenna. i hear it's cold. i'm sorry you're not here for a warm dish, but i promise i'll make you something warm when you get back.

>> reporter: thank you very much. there's cold and then there's what's going on up here during this live shot . 40 degrees -- blistery canadian wind. dylan will make me feel bad when i come back for making that up. i come bearing gifts when i come back. lester, you are a jazz lover and a hat lover. i know you like to sneak into jazz clubs late at night and begun noticed and subtle. so no one will notice this. it's a necklace with like -- instruments all over it.

>> perfect.

>> the hat --

>> i like the hat.

>> reporter: dude, you'll be like -- like the man in the --

>> no one will know it's me.

>> nice.

>> reporter: they may have a clue.

>> thank you.

>> reporter: erica, for you, i know -- you're a niners fan. you have little boys and they like lego's. i got you lego pieces. really cute. right?

>> auntie jenna scoring big points.

>> reporter: with 10,000 more, you can make a team with the stadium and everything. i got you started with two.

>> thank you.

>> reporter: dylan, i know you love weather. but you're so attached to the weather that i -- so passionate about it, that i feel like you should detach yourself a little. so this -- when you're pointing to the map -- will always give you distance between yourself and whatever you're pointing at.

>> that's perfect. glad it's not green.

>> reporter: can't get too close. and i know -- 49er fan. real quick, last but not least. tom llamas, are you so conservative and perfectly dressed all the time. we wanted to loosen you up a bit. so you're a ravens fan. i gave you this, and i gave -- if you can wear it on one of your live at 5 shows one time --

>> yeah. i -- that could change my career.

>> reporter: take my earpiece out. and this, how about that, tom?

>> subtle.

>> love it.