TODAY   |  February 02, 2013

Erica Hill shares family recipe for boeuf bourguignon

“It’s one of my favorites because my dad always made it,” said TODAY’s Erica Hill. She showed her co-anchors how to make the dish that’s especially close to her heart.

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>>> this morning, erica is sharing another of her favorite comfort recipes. last week it was mac and cheese. this week we'll do something more sophisticated, beef bourguignon or beef burgundy . why is this a favorite?

>> my dad loved to cook for us. me dad pass -- my dad passed away three years, but this was a favorite. my sister and i would come across the country home. this is the wedding shower in atlanta. he bought us a copy of "the new york times'" cookbook. and the recipe in the book was his favorite in the book, beef burgundy or beef bourguignon as he would say it in french. so in honor of my dad, we're making beef bourguignon this morning --

>> good winter meal.

>> good winter meal.

>> hearty.

>> are you french?

>> i do have french in me. i speak french and my sister lives in france. we have a love for all thing french in my family. plus, this has french wine in it so you can't go wrong. which is why we're starting with a glass of wine. me dad would recommend having a glass of something as you're cooking. it can't hurt. there we go. so first start with the meat. the first thing that you'll do -- sorry, i'm giving you the wine. put it down. you want to salt and pepper it. right? on both sides. and one little trick i learned from our good friend, bobby flay . do it high. do it salt. so you salt and pepper this liberally. you do it on both sides. in the interest of time on television, then you take it, put it in a bag with 1/3 cup of flour.

>> each cube or a bunch?

>> eral at a time or it would take all day. get them in, shake it around, coat them. then what lester's involved in --

>> s yes, i've been doing.

>> cooking bacon in a pet in one of my well-loved pots. after you take the bacon out, the bacon grease , extra olive oil , brown the meat. once it gets brown, take it out. take it out and put it in here. you want to leave some of the juice in here as you take the meat out. that's because we're going to use that to get a little more flavor from the rest of the dish. i'm moving in here, my friend.

>> please. i'm too slow.

>> i don't know if you're aware of how things work on television when you cook.

>> not a 20-minute segment.

>> we don't have a lot of time. we take the meat out. you'll take brandy here.

>> okay.

>> this goes into the pot. and you're going to deglaze the pot. pour it in slowly. and the whole time the brandiy's -- brandy's in there, scrape up the yummy, brown bits. this will take a couple of minutes and will turn into a lovely, creamy concoction as you're getting all these bits together.

>> we're putting flour --

>> no. there's a little bit in there from the meat.

>> the alcohol smells very strong. it does burn off?

>> it is going to burn off a little. yeah. what we would do then, mix some in with the meat. what we're going do now is -- what would be left in the pan, we would clean up the pan a little. we'll modify it for tv. add butter and olive oil .

>> okay.

>> then dylan will put the vegetables in. we've got leeks, onions, carrots --

>> what happens to the tomato snaft.

>> that's coming after. we'll cook our vegetables for a bit. then add in the tomato paste , okay.

>> leeks and garlic?

>> leeks and garlic. cook it down until it's soft. we put the meat and bacon back in along with a number of herbs and spices. we have --

>> yeah.

>> i used ground cloves, bay leaves , a lot of thyme, a lot of parsley. you'll throw in -- we would put in a whole bottle of wine. and we would put in beef stock . we're going to move down here. in the interests of time, we put these things in, cook it for 20 minutes . throw it in the oven for an hour. you saut? onions and mushrooms. will you throw the mushrooms in?

>> yeah.

>> add them at the end. give it a good mix. i'll steal the spoon. voice abeef burgunbua -- voila, beef burgun dy. you can make it ahead. i made mine on tuesday and froze it for friends coming over tonight.

>> freezing it is okay?

>> if freezes beautifully.

>> what time should i show up?

>> come to dinner at 6:00. my kids have to go bed early. we'll take a test. and you can find the recipes on line along with more about my awesome