TODAY   |  February 01, 2013

Set an epic Super Bowl party table

Brit Morin, lifestyle expert and creator of the website “Brit & Co.,” has fun ideas to make your big game festivities a hit with décor that’s color-coordinated to your favorite team, homemade beer cozies, a delicious chocolate football, and more.

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>>> of the website, britandco. how to score with your party.

>> ooh, i like that line.

>> super bowl fans care about three things, the game, the commercials and the food. focus on an epic drink and food tab table. starting with the table cloth, we went with a solid black table cloth, amped it up by putting this tape on here that holds your decor in place and gives it a referee look. team neutral.

>> pom poms up front.

>> made out of metallic tissue paper . fold it up into an accord iion and tape it to the table. it's disposable for all of your guests. we repurchased these vegetable cans and put brown paper on them to make them look like football cans.

>> what are we doing with the penalty flag?

>> we tied them around ping pong balls. throw them at the tv.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> use them to wipe off your fingers. of course, we've got the ravens and niners, all about that party city .

>> how to keep your beer cold.

>> diy cozies. you hot glue the edges, put on your favorite number and set it up here on rootbeer or real beer.

>> very cute.

>> let's get into the food. just like we did with the silver wear cans, we made snack cones for our chips, popcorn, candy, whatever you want .

>> nice, nice.

>> now chalk board paint is my favorite thing for the last decade.

>> why?

>> labeling for your guests. cheese plates, so your guest knows exactly what they're eating.

>> i love the accessibility, everything is easy to get to.

>> while you're talking, forgive me, i've been looking at a chocolate football.

>> move over hollow chocolate easter bunny . this is from philip's chocolate. you can still order it today in time for the game on sunday.

>> really?

>> wow!

>> crack it open at half time , after the game.

>> what's in it?

>> it's hollow.

>> like the bunny from easter.

>> oh, yeah!

>> i recommend sharing.

>> i thought it was mine. thanks.

>> back to the food, we went with the football theme again here. football deviled eggs , chocolate dipped football strawberries and dyed coconut green and put on these cupcake toppers for the cupcakes here.

>> what is this? i feel threatened here.

>> excited about this.

>> take one. these are called confetti eggs . they're hollowed eggshells filled with con fety.

>> how do you do it?

>> one, two, three, touchdown!

>> i'm sorry.

>> gosh!

>> willie?

>> what the -- is that their intended use, to smash an unsuspecting victim over the head? you are never coming back on this show. your final appearance.

>> can i do a redo?

>> no, of course you can't have a redo. brit, thank you. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.

>>> well, i'll take the weekend to heal my head wound.

>> can i break this bottle?

>> not at all. brit, thank you. we'll take a look