TODAY   |  February 01, 2013

It’s a crab-off! San Fran vs. Baltimore tailgaters

Al Roker previews the tailgating traditions in San Francisco, where Dungeness crab reigns supreme, while Natalie chats with Ed Prutzer from Baltimore’s Rusty Scupper restaurant about Maryland’s crustacean of choice, the blue crab, which he uses in cheesy crab dip and crab cakes.

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>>> the most important part of football is tailgating. since it's the super bowl you can bet that there's some tailgates going on out there in san francisco . al, what have you got?

>> with the san francisco planning commission , you're smack dab in the dungeness crab season.

>> we're in the middle of it.

>> bertd than the blue crab . look at those arms, line backer arms. what have you got here?

>> world famous dungeness crab cakes.

>> crab sushi, everything here. of course, the cable car , of course, is indicative of san francisco . what have we got going on up here?

>> the whole city is vibrant. cocktails from jasper's, gold rush , bourbon, lime juice.

>> sourdough bread .

>> this is master baker padilla.

>> you made me a nice sourdough sign. very nice. and our friends from ghiradelli. is this hot chocolate ?

>> oh, yeah. nothing like a little hot chocolate with bourbon with some sorry dough after you've had some crabs. they know how to party here in san francisco .

>> little jealous.

>> little bourbon doesn't hurt. thank you, al. natalie is having a wonderful time with the fans in baltimore. on the menu, bourbon, natalie?

>> crab, crab and more crab. right across the way in the inner harbor here. good to see you here. tell me what we've got.

>> we're so excited to be part of the super bowl . we are just as excited about our tailgate food as we are the super bowl .

>> crab mac n cheese ?

>> crab mac n cheese .

>> i already digged in here.

>> crab soup, cheesy crab dip. our famous crab soup, steam crab.

>> blue crab , right?

>> absolutely. it's gigantic. famous crab cakes , our favorite.

>> what's the difference between the crab cakes here and the crab cakes anywhere else in the world?

>> they're better. they're bigger and better just like our ravens.

>> exactly. they're biggerer a eand better.

>> go, team!

>> i understand there's a national cake here.

>> maryland state cake. our version of the smith island cake.

>> what's in here?

>> yellow cake , chocolate fudge icing and it's absolutely delicious.

>> this is gorgeous.

>> we have --

>> isn't that beautiful?

>> it's amazing what they can do. that's edible. who is that, ray lewis ?

>> ray lewis .

>> and finally --

>> let's go, baltimore.

>> go ravens! here's to you, willie and tamron.

>> we're waiting for you to learn to squirrel, ray lewis ' signature dance.

>> that's coming up in 20 minutes .

>> willie is going to start stretching. he needs 20 minutes to stretch those joints.

>> it's going to be bad.

>> warm up. warm up.

>>> getting that summer glow in