TODAY   |  February 01, 2013

Robin Wright: ‘Cards’ gives viewers ‘what they want’

Actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright talk about teaming up as a husband and wife in new Netflix original series “House of Cards,” saying it gives people “what they want” by making all 13 episodes of the show available at once, and talking about the fun they’ve had working together after being friends for 20 years.

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>>> have been friends for more than 20 years.

>> now they're star nth new netf netflix original series "house of cards" and have struggles like any married pair.

>> what is this?

>> what does it look like?

>> but the basement is mine.

>> i know. it's not for me.

>> who is it for?

>> for you.

>> there's a gym in the capital.

>> which you never use.

>> i'm a tad busy running the country. is this your subtle way of saying that i'm out of shape?

>> no. it's my way of suggesting you could be in better shape.

>> that sounds both passive aggressive and condescending.

>> good morning to both. netflix content.

>> 13 episodes at once, released on netflix, which sounds unusual. this is the way people view tv these days anyway, isn't it?

>> part of the argument for putting it out there the way that we are. what did you do over the weekend? so many times i'm hearing friends say i stayed home and watched two seasons of "breaking bad" or two seasons of "dexter." one, people do have long attention spans. for many years, intelligent people thought they didn't. if they're consuming it that way, one of the reasons why perhaps there's so much piracy, like "game of thrones" is one of the most pirated series in history --

>> building over it for weeks, people talking about it for several days and then here comes the next episode.

>> this trend that we wanted to fall prey to in a sense, it's consumersville u.s.a. why not give the people what they want, instead of dangling the bait?

>> the "new york times" calls this concept binge viewing. you watch it all in one sitting. starting today on netflix, you could watch all 13 episodes if you wanted to. let's talk about the content now. you play a very shrewd politician who, i don't know if i can say this on tv, screwed over by the president-elect.

>> you don't know if you're allowed to say screwed-over yet?

>> well, i just did.

>> the ceil room is going, cut, cut.

>> tell us about your character. is it time to get mad or get even?

>> the way i've viewed this experience so far is i've had the most remarkable time with robin and our writer, in playing what feels like a championship chess match. it's all about moves and it's all about how this particular character i'm playing seems to have an absolute authority in being able to figure out how people are going to respond. so he's thinking 12 moves ahead. for us, it felt like i'm doing a really long movie instead of episodics.

>> and if it's like a chess game , robin, you've known him 20 years. you would be friends. my first question would be why did you decide to work with him? but anyway, was it easy? the dialogue we just saw, timing has to be just right. was it easy to pick up?

>> we have a beautiful dance rhythm together. we never got to work with each other 20 years ago. we had one scene in a film. to get to do this on a daily basis, the most consummate actor, and to have that banter on a daily basis, whether you get thrown a ball of improv and he'll catch it and -- it's so much fun. but the calm calculated duo with the insashable dritiable drive and --

>> she's a perfect lady macbeth .

>> i'm a flight to los angeles , i'm on the plane, 2 1/2 hours into the flight i realized we were sitting right next to each other.

>> and i've known you for about 20 years.

>> exactly. we didn't even recognize each other until we came out of the bathroom -- we didn't come out of the bathroom together. she came out and then --

>> mile high .

>> i think we learned something about the plane etiquette. you don't look up and look at the other passengers.

>> it was fun actually.

>> kevin spacey , robin wright , good luck.

>> thank you.

>> "house of cards" on netflix.