TODAY   |  February 01, 2013

‘30 Rock’ finale features familiar TODAY faces

Yesterday marked the series finale of “30 Rock,” as well as special cameo appearances by TODAY’s Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie, but in her news read, Tamron Hall neglected to mention Savannah’s appearance and tried to cover the omission by asking Savannah to reenact the scene, “like Beyoncé.”

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>>> and a final farewell to one of our favorite shows here at nbc. " 30 rock " finale aired last night, ending the show's seven-year run. there were tears, laughs and even some familiar faces.

>> get in your purple bentley and be home with your sharks before the tri-state area gets slammed before what's being called snowicane, white lady name or something.

>> over the last seven years. wow! it is now 7:08. savannah, matt, you heard tracy morgan say they didn't get the ratings but still got paid.

>> they got the last laugh.

>> you dissed savannah.

>> thank you.

>> she was in the final episode as well.

>> no, no, no, i was building up to it.

>> can you re-enact like beyonce showed it was the real deal? will you do exactly your scene from " 30 rock " live because i believe it was staged.

>> tamron, you can talk and talk and talk. the moment is over. you dised me. and it's going in your