TODAY   |  February 01, 2013

Model’s close-up kiss in GoDaddy ad shocks some

A Super Bowl ad for starring supermodel Bar Refaeli paired up with a geeky love interest is shocking some viewers with its extreme close-up of the two kissing. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports and Refaeli, co-star Jesse Heiman, and Matt Miller of the Independent Commercial Producers address the controversy.

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>> all right. we'll begin this half hour, though, with a super bowl commercial that has some people laughing and others who say it goes a little too far. we'll talk to the commercial's stars in a moment. first, nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the controversy. good morning.

>> good morning, savannah. the first thing any good commercial must do is capture the audience's attention, funny, shocking or gross. go daddy goes for all three, drumming up controversy and this super bowl commercial starts to get some buzz. go daddy 's commercial is called the perfect match . wink, wink. nudge, nudge. race car driver and spokeswoman danica patrick tees it up.

>> there are two sides to go daddy , the sexy side, and the smart side that creates a killer website for your business, represented by walter.

>> kind of funny and then, depending on your threshold, shocking. the extra who is everywhere, but who no one really knows. here is where it gets interesting. the full-length commercial goes in for a tight, leave no tongue to the imagination close-up. go daddy says this slightly tamer version will air on cbs during the super bowl . the internet company has made a marketing campaign out of commercial controversy.

>> has go daddy gone too far this time?

>> well --

>> some say the commercial is too hot for tv.

>> how hot is too hot?

>> in 2008 the company says their first super bowl commercial was rejected, but the one that did air made sure viewers could find the racy original.

>> you won't see it on tv, but it's on at go daddy .com.

>> 1.5 million people visited their website by the end of the game. the shock and awe strategy seem s to work. so this year they are back at it.

>> look at that, dude.

>> something that should be on tv or not on tv?

>> definitely not.

>> one word to describe that commercial. go.

>> incest.

>> gross.

>> gosh, oh, gosh.

>> how much is she paid for that?

>> what anyone wants to see makes little difference. what matters is whether or not they remember it. just an interesting fact about the commercial. they shot that commercial in the same commercial where they shot the movie "psycho." back to you.

>> all right.

>> interesting tidbit.

>> stephanie gosk, thanks.

>>> jesse hamon stars in that commercial along with super model , with us from tel aviv . good morning, one and all.

>> good morning.

>> i feel the first question everybody wants to have answered is how many takes did it take to get that?

>> i can't remember. it was just a great experience. it was like over 45 or something.

>> is that because you kept messing up on purpose?

>> no. i just tried to -- we tried to get it as perfect as possible.

>> when you went for the audition, jesse , did they tell you right up front this is going to involve making out with.

>> yes. in fact, on the audition, they asked are you okay doing that.

>> is this a trick question ?

>> right, exactly.

>> let's bring barre in. did you have any second thoughts about doing this? i don't mean with jesse . i mean in general.

>> you know, it's a funny thing because i actually had this very strange dream that all my friends know about. i always wanted to go to a club or somewhere filled with people, look around, choose the most -- the one guy that's most unlikely that i'll ever kiss or pay attention to and go and kiss him in front of everyone so he will be happy and will remember it for the rest of -- i don't know, the week. so, no, i didn't have any second thoughts. for me it was almost like go daddy made my dream come true.

>> bar, do you want to tell the world what you told us about jes jesse 's skills?

>> jesse , can you hear me?

>> i can hear you, yes. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> okay. jesse , i told jesse that when we kissed, but he's a very, very good kisser.

>> jesse .

>> you have to go online to see the rest of the commercial.

>> if i were you, i wouldn't even have to be paid after that. that's enough right there.

>> that's an endorsement.

>> there are two versions of this commercial.

>> right.

>> one is much more explicit, showing the tongues here. do you understand and think it's the right decision that the tamer version air in the super bowl ?

>> i understand that they're being cautious because cbs is where the whole wardrobe malfunction happened but i think people -- they go back and forth. but i think it's a good idea to have two versions so that people can see the tame version and then if they're interested in seeing the more wild version.

>> bar, what about you? are you happy that the tamer version is airing or would you be fine if the more explicit version aired?

>> i would have been very much fine with the second one airing and not the tamer oneme, you know, but people know what to do, that's their job and i trust them to make their decisions. but i just feel like if you do something like that and it's filled with a lot of humor and, you know, we kind of joke about ourselves here, then go all the way. but i trust the people that know better than me, that know television.

>> let's bring in our expert. good segue. do you think that this pushes the envelope of good taste or is this a really good commercial?

>> i think it's a great commercial for go daddy . go daddy has looked at the sensationalism for a long time and want to capture your attention. we talked about the other day with the new add, the deutsch has brought it to a new level. go daddy is a technology company, personified in jesse . but they're still staying true to that sexy --

>> did cbs make the right call?

>> i think they probably did for the viewing public in general. they have this history of bringing people to the website.

>> i spoke with the director, mike mcguire, who actually said they did 65 takes.

>> who's counting.

>> but anyway -- time flies , but he felt like the notion of having the kiss feel like it goes on forever actually brings something to the spot.

>> you just wanted to say something.

>> long before i was on the commercial, i was a go daddy hosting customer. and i'm using their sites to help promote me as an actor. and as people, we need something to promote ourselves.

>> so it's a natural --

>> they provide all the services i need.

>> bar, thank you very much for joining us. this is going to get a lot of reaction when it airs in the super bowl . jesse , i have one word for you. sequel. and, matt, thank you very much as well.

>> thank you, guys.

>> all right. bye-bye.