TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

7 ways to keep your home healthy in winter

Siobhan O’Connor from Prevention magazine says that you can help keep your home healthy this winter by always turning on your bathroom exhaust fan, fixing leaks and testing for radon.

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>>> welcome back to "today's" healthy home. if you have been avoiding the outdoors sow don't get sick, turns on the it may be more unhealthy to stay inside your house.

>> experts say there may be up to five times more air pollution inside your home.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> here with tips to keep the air fresh is jevon o'connor, deputy editor of "prevention magazine."

>> i remember it's "prevention."

>> health.

>> you don't often think of that. you think the bad stuff is outside.

>> actually, with the windows closed in the winter, you're talking to 100 times worse air quality .

>> let's start in the kitchen, shall we? a lot of people put the vents on when they're doing stuff. is that the right thing to do?

>> every single time you cook, you want the vent on your range running. on high if you can deal with the noise because it takes moisture, steam, smoke out of the air. otherwise, your family is inhaling it for hours after you cook.

>> when you are cooking, you have the choice, obviously, of use the back burners or front burner.

>> if you can remember, use the back burner. the air more readily will get sucked into the vent that way.

>> how do we get to this age?

>> i don't know. but you did.

>> all right. what about painting? a lot of people obviously do that and that's one of those things that did.

>> if are you introducing new furniture or doing a paint job or --

>> this is the time when you want the windows open and fans running because they can release volatile organic compounds .

>> what did k you do if you have to get it done?

>> use a zero voc certified pabt. look for a green seal . again, if you can keep the windows open at least a little bit helps.

>> crack them.

>> now to the bathroom, which you know that's trouble.

>> you know that's trouble. every time you shower, you need to run the fan. you need to --

>> what if you don't have a fan if.

>> you can get one installed. it costs a few hundred dollars. make sure the fan is going outside your house and not to your attic. moisture can go on the surface and create mold, which then you'll have a mold problem in your attic.

>> what about people who live in apartments?

>> have you no choice.

>> you don't have a choice. that's life zoosh can you talk to your super. there might be regulations in certain areas that require them.

>> good luck with that.

>> in the city, no chance.

>> one time i was in my house, and the carbon monoxide detector --

>> went off?

>> went off. i didn't know what to do. i opened the windows. what causes it?

>> what did do you about it?

>> i opened all the windows and went back to bed. i was tired.

>> oh, hoda.

>> from your car, they release carbon monoxide . you immediate them on every floor of your house, including the basement. there are new gadgets.

>> pay attention to them when they go off.

>> i just take my shoe and just bang it.

>> the windows are open.

>> in the middle of the night is not a good time to die, hoda.

>> i'm sorry you have to deal with this. i have to on a regular basis.

>> you want them wirelessly connected. you want to be able to hear it on the second floor of your house if you are so lucky to have a three story house. you can wirelessly connect them. it cost bz $60. if one goes off, they all go off, and then you listen to them.

>> hoda turns off three of them.

>> that's right. when you are tired, you are tired. what about the radon gas ?

>> this is really important. radon is an odorless radioactive gas, and it's in homes all over the country, which is bad news because it's the second leading cause of lung cancer in the united states . the good news is for $14 you can get a kit at any hardware store, and that includes postage and lab fees, and that will -- you'll be able to test to find out if you have high radon levels. if you do, you need to hire a professional to filter that out of your home.

>> wow.

>> all good info.

>> absolutely scared the you know what out of us. thank you so much.