TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

8 tech gifts to keep Valentine romance hot

Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl shows off a variety of tech gifts, apps and websites that you can use to keep your love hot for Valentine’s Day, such as a chili pad mattress cover, a hotel app with discounted rooms and Smart Candles that help set the mood in your home.

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less fat? hershey's simple pleasures chocolate.

>> back now with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. valentine's day is probably the one time you want to put away all the iphones and gadgets and cozy up to the one you love, right, hodie?

>> that sounds like something you would say. there are actually some fun apps and web sites that make it easier to set the mood and keep the romance alive, and guess who is here, carly.

>> we want to know why.

>> she's the founder of did you

>> less talk. let's have a beautiful valentine's day with the ones we love. let's start with bra shopping.

>> i hate bra shopping.

>> right? true and company wants to change all that. you go on their website and take a two minute fit quiz like what's your favorite bra, so do the girls fit in it and all that kind of stuff, and they pick out all kinds of hinges that they think would fit well on you and you choose five thaw like. you can keep them for a week, have a sexy fashion show for your man. return the rest.

>> now, bras are so expensive, aren't had he?

>> they really are.

>> they start at $45, but the shipping is free both ways. that's how that works.

>> all right.

>> everybody looks better by candlelight, right?

>> yes. or in the dark.

>> so cue the lights, right? these are these beautiful flameless candles. they're made of wax. just like candles. they won't burn your house down when you're making out. some of these are on remote control .

>> no, they're not.

>> you can, like, get frisky and then just click and everybody looks better by candlelight.

>> what are the price point?

>> they start at $16.

>> cute.

>> okay. if i don't feel good about my body, no one gets to see me naked. that's the rule. i need all the help i can get. it's a little band that talks to your phone. it's going to track your workouts and help you track what you eat and eat a little better. it's going to coach you. also has a bonus feature that i love where it will wake you up with a vibration, a silent vibration on your wrist. if you want to head to the early morning workout class, you won't wake up your spouse, and now everybody is happy. $149.

>> it's important. why are you yawning?

>> i don't know.

>> let's wake you up.

>> what is this?

>> this is about the temperature wars. okay? i have heard -- you have said many times that you sleep in the buff to try to stay cool in bed. this is for you. i want you to lied down on this bed. tell me about the chilly pad because it's a heating and cooling mattress pad. this one is heating up. this one is getting cooler.

>> wait a minute. okay? what is she supposed to do?

>> you're just going to lie down and feel the beautiful coolness of the mattress pad.

>> does it feel cool?

>> it comes in king and queen .

>> it's at 50 degrees.

>> turn it up.

>> bigger ones come with dual zones so your husband can be warmer, you can be colder. no one fights over the temperature.

>> it's almost like i'm looking for where a fan is hitting mre, but it's not. it's underneath.

>> this goes you should your bed. you have the remote control to control it, and there's cool water that is circulating in here.

>> i like it.

>> does it feel comfortable?

>> i'm confused because it feels like there's a vent coming, but --

>> that's the air.

>> there's a vent. that's because there's a vent.

>> yeah, works great. love it.

>> come on over here.

>> get over here.

>> we talk about music. maybe you don't know everything there is to know about music.

>> hoda does.

>> songza will take care of that. they have music experts, dj's, musicologists. they are creating play lists based on mood. i have one here about candlelight dinner. you might -- we might have a little bit of barry white coming out in a minute.

>> there it is.

>> nothing puts you in the mood more. zi love barry white . yeah.

>> you are going to hear norah jones on this and ereka. then if you want to jump in the sack later, there's a whole different play list for that.

>> she's nasty.

>> i had no idea.

>> i did not know.

>> okay. let's say you want -- moving on. let's say you want to have a romantic trip, last minute at a hotel. you want cho technical out hotels tonight. this is an amazing website, an app, that gives you last minute deals that go on sale the day of. sometimes up to 70% off of hotel rooms . the ones near us in new york are live get, but --

>> i love edinburgh. what an amazing city? i love it.

>> it gives you the price? that's great. terrific.

>> alabama or england?

>> that is england.

>> there is a big difference.

>> be careful.

>> just warning you.

>> they're in your city. they're in tons of cities. you can book a hotel.

>> this is it.

>> we've got a lot going