TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Scottie puppies form ‘pinwheel’ at milk bowl

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a cute video of Scottie puppies from a small breeder in Colorado who form a pinwheel whenever they drink goat milk from their big dish.

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>> to all your next friend. sara, the puppy pin wheel .

>> this video was created by a small scottie breeder in colorado. the puppies love goat's milk and have an unusual habit every time their favorite drink is served. check it out.

>> come on.

>> how cute.

>> their tail always goes opposite of whichever direction they go. that's how they vy for position. i'm sure one started to walk and they all followed.

>> that happens every time?

>> every time she puts the goat milk down that happens.

>> that is adorable.

>> it's --

>> it's the most adorable thing.

>> our second video, hate to stop that one, but the second video comes from youtube featuring a door knocker that comes to life.

>> ow.

>> oh, my gosh. one more. got do see it, and go.

>> it's a young girl too. the funny part is when she shows her face --

>> this is ownerry stuff.

>> there's actually a man that's in a wheelchair and asked for help to deliver the package to get them to go, so those people are all being good samaritans helping someone take a package and then --

>> she knocked on the face.