TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Author talks unusual research for religious thriller

In author Linda Stasi’s new book, a journalist is on a worldwide chase to prove that a man on trial for crimes against humanity is the cloned son of Jesus Christ. She talks about the religious thriller, “The Sixth Station,” which is sure to stir up some controversy.

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>> journalist is on a worldwide chase to find proof that a man on trial for crimes against humanity is actually the cloned son of jesus christ . you got that? that's the premise of a new religious thriller "the sixth station." the author, linda stasi is a critic for the "new york post."

>> good morning.

>> good to see you, too.

>> you're saying i'm a tabloid writer, i don't know how i got on this show. i will read this the rest of the weekend.

>> i traveled with an ex-sorist priest at the vatican, studied with monks.

>> is this a bar joke?

>> the joke is what's a jaded tabloid writer like you doing in a nice place like this? i'm in a monastery with priests. it was just an incredible, incredible amount of research. i think i found something that is absolutely, i believe, has the dna of jesus christ on it and it exists in a monastery in italy.

>> you have found, you suspect, the vaeil of veronica. explain to people you know. it is not in the bible.

>> it is not in this bible. the sixth station of the cross , in almost every catholic church in the world they have the stations of the cross which are events that happened as jesus was carrying the cross. the sixth station of the cross depicts saint veronica wiping the face of jesus and a miraculous image appeared on the cross. the thing is there was no veronica but there is a veil of veronica . it actually, i believe, is the buri burr cloth -- burial cloth.

>> look at this. on the left side this is shroud, a negative, not a positive image. on the right side is the actual veil of veronica . when the two are merged together, you actually get the real face of jesus christ . they match up precisely. they're hundreds of miles apart. in the book, "the sixth station," i actually traced the veil through 2,000 years of history and how it ended up in this little monastery. you say, how could it be if saint veronica never existed? that was a story made up in the middle ages . what it actually means is veronica is latin for true icon. so what i believe is that this was jesus ' burial closth because 2,000 years ago i put a cloth on a jewish man's face when he died and wrapped the shroud around it which is why, according to a lot of researchers, these two images were together at one point.

>>> have to say, it has some feel, at least to the da vinci code and religious thriller.

>> thank you.