TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Score deeply discounted Valentine’s Day gifts

From organic roses to heart-shaped jewelry, TODAY contributor Jill Martin recommends perfect gifts for your sweetheart that you can buy for a steal.

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>>> and deals. "today's" contributor and jill martin is here to walk us through items perfect for valentine's day. good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> another holiday for love right around the corner. remind everyone how this works before we launch in.

>> go on to right now. everything will sell out quickly. they have been. these are gifts you can give to someone else or to yourself for valentine's day, great staples.

>> let's start out with the love scarf. i love the feel.

>> 100% cashmere. retail $132. this is unisex. celeb fans include katie holmes , jennifer aniston and oprah, available in 10 colors. look now nice it is on you.

>> this is so weighty. normally $132?

>> the deal is $39, 100% cashmere. if you want it, go online now.

>> popular gifts with valentine's perfume.

>> do you speak french?

>> my mother is a french teacher but i took spanish so i will do my best for tamron hall . that's all i know. the retail is $240. it's a three piece set in three fragrances each. the first is nantucket. go online. the second one is cashmere ma and the third is odevere. each comes in an etched perfume bottle from ritz carlton . $48 for the set and 80% off. i sprayed a little bit. i love the smoefl brussel sprouts but love the smell of this.

>> you're so mean.

>> cashmere adar is beautiful. next, what is valentine's without a beautiful bouquet. these are organic flowers?

>> just for our viewer. $189.85. equal friendly roses grown in an organic environment. we're showing them in a vase. they come 50 in a box so you can split them up and put them around for yourself. the other thing is check the shipping, prices vary. retail $189.95, the deal, $56.95, 70% off.

>> i like that these are organic. you can actually smell the roses now. a lot of flowers have been removed of all their scents. these are beautiful.

>>> next up, kenneth j. lane heart.

>> these are pendants. heart stud earrings or pendants, rhodium silver or 18-karat gold plate a 16 inch chain. they're 18 carat gold plated total three carats, sold at nordstrom and celebs include anne hathaway and duchess of cambridge. the retail is $79. the deal, $18.

>> wow!

>> that's 77% off.

>> that is excellent. this is so pretty.

>> and classic.

>> everybody would love that sxwrrkts i think.

>> last but not least, what is valentine's day without --

>> lingerie. someone to wear this for or for yourself. the lace underwear set, sells $46-42, the floral lace comes in three colors an smooth lace comes in three patterns, all low rise. retail $36-42. the deal is $10. that's up to 76% off.

>> i like these.

>> yes. this is something for a special occasion .

>> is it illegal to hold these up?

>> i don't think so.

>> i don't want to break any laws.

>> not illegal for me.

>> the love scarves and fragrance and cherche midi and organic bouquet and jewelry and lace underwear. log onto for