TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

‘I’m really nervous’: Tamron cooks on TV!

After revealing she learned to cook only this year, TODAY’s Tamron Hall flexes her chef muscles, whipping up a meal for Willie Geist that includes branzino with shallots, white wine, thyme, and butter, plus Brussels sprouts.

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>>> may have heard tamron tell us she spent the last year, finally at the am in of 29, learning how to cook. we decided to put her to the test this morning. yesterday, we asked her to come up with something special. she's here to show us the skills. back story first, you decided you wanted to learn how to cook at this point. got yourself some lessons?

>> yes.

>> where are you now in the process?

>> a year later, i think i'm oka okay. i think i'm like a lot of people. for 29 years eaten every meal in takeout. my mom, love ya , not a good cook either. i come from a second generation of bad cooks. my dad did all the cooking my entire life, every meal. i decided to learn to cook partly in honor of my dad and partly to survive. okay. what are we making?

>> we're making a dish i make for myself probably two or three times a week. one of our amazing "today" show team members has been my coach, the wing beneath my wings. this is me recipe but i mastered it. you start off, you score your fish. that basically means you cut through the skin of the finish. that keeps the skin of the fish from crinkling. you try it. i like bronzino because it's a light fish. you can use any white fish . and add a little more on both sides. i'm in the infancy of my cooking. you salt that bad boy up. i have to get a signature thing like bam but not bam. i don't have it yet. you put a little pepper on there on the other side, too. i'm really nervous, i have to be honest.

>> let me do it for you.

>> my hands are shaking. the deal also heat your oil up and put the oil in the pan. what was taught to me was the oil needs to dance across the pan. you place your fish skinside down, go ahead, willie . about five minutes, all you need, five minutes, make sure the heat is hot. that's one of the mistakes i made, sticks to the pan, doesn't look very good. once you flip your fish on the other side two minute, this is what you come up with.

>> a quick hit.

>> you have five minutes on the skin side. remove your fish, plate that. i would suggest you put it in a tent of foil to keep it warm. now, your sauce. shallot, a sprig of thyme i only learned three months ago what a sprig of thyme was. i had to google it. put it in there. then, willie , i put in white wine . a lot of people don't like to cook with what they think is alcohol. you're not boozing it up. cooking the alcohol out of it. let that simmer and go down to half of what you have. here's your sauce. i am from the south and love butter. put in a little butter in there and whisk that up for me, willie .

>> that is strong.

>> that's what you come up with.

>> once you put this down, put it over the fish. it's amazing. every cook -- oh, my god!

>> by the way, you're one to talk.

>> i'm sorry.

>> tamron learning to cook, that is my stick.

>> this is brussel sprouts . i roast every vegetable. it's amazing, try one. dig in. this is from boulevard, a famous restaurant from san francisco , potatoes with arug la whipped in. i made this, not this but one like it and savannah, i have mastered at least five things.

>> let me tell you something, i was watching your segment. i actually understood what happened. you went nice and slow for people like us .

>> we're in different categories, you're a beginner, intermediate.

>> well i can still fa breeze this.

>> this is where i am --

>> this time next year, i will be further along.

>> you didn't taste my fish yet.

>> these are delicious.

>> this is burning but i will take care of it. the recipe is on is it?

>> it is now.

>> i'm proud of you.

>> my dressing room smells great. you writer just teasing.

>> i'm in full sweat. i think i'm going through the change.