TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Top deals on TVs for optimum Super Bowl viewing

If you’ve been in the market for a new TV, then there’s no better time to treat the family than before Super Bowl Sunday. TODAY contributor Mario Armstrong shares his tips for picking the best unit for your family, as well as three TVs currently on sale.

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>>> if you've been in the market for a television, turns out super bowl season is the time to find a good deal. mario armstrong is our digital contributor, ravens style. we know who you're rooting for for the big game .

>> obviously.

>> the question is how are you going to watch the game? how should we watch the game.

>> the first thing i want folks to do, cut out the cardboard or whatever you have around the house for the screen size . a couple tips you should know. do the research online, read the reviews and know the size you actually want in the space. also, invest in sound, many have puny speakers and don't sound great. cut out a piece. this is 47 inches. if you were to hang this up on the wall, it would give you a sense of what you're shopping for. most importantly, when you're doing super bowl events, the angle. not everyone will be watching this dead on. people will be looking at it at an angle and make sure the tv has a good angle for viewing.

>> and look at it from all scenarios.

>> don't hang it too high.

>> you don't want to be in the front row of a movie theater , don't hang it together.

>> what is the average price? the more money you spend the better?

>> that's not always the case, depending on the room side you're in. you're talking 700 to 1,000 for these specials. this one is an lg, under 600 bucks. this one is at target, looks great, beautiful, for $579, a great tv, 77 inches, not huge but will fit in most rooms.

>> this one is pretty easy to mount compared to others?

>> lightweight. you want to make sure when you are mounting you're looking out for lighting an any of those issues. also the height once again of mounting. one drawback with this guy, two hdmi ports. those are the things you connect like your cable box and dvd player , not a lot for a lot of folks, you may want four.

>> why do you like this one?

>> this is a sony, internet tv , bigg bigger, 50 inches and off by 200 bucks on and internet tv and you can get access to hulu or web content .

>> good for a family that can use it in a lot of ways.

>> the big dog , 60 inches, smart tv.

>> you can connect to the web and pull up facebook or youtube or huh hhulu.

>> you don't need a computer.

>> this one is very huge, 60 inch. you look at the side, very thin. the issue is puny speakers. the sound on these things -- i went to my aunt's house, if she's watching, don't get mad at me. this is my wife's aunt. she had beautiful screen, beautiful playoff game going on, puny speakers. i'm hooking you up, got to get that sound bar.

>> pretty good deals. we're back in a moment at nbc.

>> tomorrow, super bowl theme, field trip , al live in san francisco and natalie in baltimore.