TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Dr. Oz’s fat-trimming tips for a healthier heart

In honor of TODAY’s healthy heart week, Dr. Mehmet Oz focuses on the connection between obesity and heart disease, sharing his simple tips to help you trim the fat and keep your ticker strong.

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>>> 8:38 this morning on "today's" healthy heart and dr. oz is the host of the oz show and here with simple tips to trim the fat. let's remind people of the connection, you have too much fat in your body that causes heart disease which way?

>> it puts pressure inside your organs and causes high blood pressure and poisons your liver and insulin and causes diabetes. this morning, i'm talking about fat fighting solutions. so many tips, people doesn't appreciate it's right there.

>> this got my attention and i worry people will think this sounds gimmicky. you call these fat merlts. the first is mct. i heart heard of it. mtc is coconut oil . these are short change fats. why is that important, normal fats like butter and lard are digested in a different way and end up in your hips and waist. these short fats like coconut oil use more like sugars but in a healthy way. turns out in trials people use 100 calories of food a day eating these.

>> if you want more coconut oil in our diets, do we take it as a supplement or use it in cooking?

>> you have a choice. you could take mct and buy it in bottles . my personal preference is replace butter and other saturated fat with coconut oil . great for eggs in the morning and one-to-one replacement for butte butter.

>> this is another tip you have and very popular right now, greek yogurt .

>> this is fascinating. they looked at folks who ate small serving of low fat yogurt before every maleal. they lost 80%.

>> why does it do that?

>> it sends a message to fat cells it can release the fat within it. fat, within your intestinal system, because you just it an it, when mixed with calcium, becomes soap and basically poops out soap from our body and because of that, we think you're absorbing less calories.

>>> and let's talk about one another thing that might prevent you from taking in fatty foods. vinegar is one?

>> a lot of folks have been talking about apple cider vinegar but any source, pickles, doesn't matter. it changes how your body uses insulin. by controlling our sugar levels effectively, we deposit the fat effectively and don't crave it as much.

>> you have barley.

>> wonderful in oatmeal. i suggest you try it in morning for a change of pace. anti-craving tools, you have to remember, remember nothing else from the fat fighting solutions. roboist, no caffeine, won't have sugar in it and won't crave food and no caffeine to hurt your heart. finally the scent of vanilla.

>> you're not ingesting it but the scent.

>> use it as a cream or candle. if you light it before you eat, you will crave less and cut down on the fat in your body.

>> you will be talking about it on your show all week long. good to have you here. thanks very much.