TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Dogs (and cat) in need of homes get makeovers

In another installment of Bow to Wow, TODAY animal advocate Jill Rappaport helps three dogs, from a big boxer mix to a tiny Jack Russell, get new looks in the hopes of finding them forever homes. Plus a cat, too!

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>>> loving new homes. jill is here. good morning.

>> hi, savannah, love the do. even though we're only month month into the new year, it's never too late to live by the new new year's resolution and i always live by the same one every year, opt to adopt now.

>> hey, bud. you're about to go from a cage to a castle.

>> this is a 6-month-old siberian husky mix.

>> look how beautiful he is. sky is still a puppy and very rare special breed. i don't think we've ever had maybe one in five years.

>> he was an owner surrender.

>> give me a kiss. you want to play? yes. very playful. this adorable guy is named elvis, also a puppy.

>> yeah. he's only nine months old and jack russell mix.

>> very curious active dogs.

>> very active.

>> he is being an unbelievable sweetheart. let me ask you are you a descendent of eddie from the show "frazier?"

>> this is the area i lovingly refer to as caddyshack because this is where all the kittens and cats are anxiously awaiting a home. look at this adorable guy.

>> this is sheldon having his lunch right now. sheldon is six months old.

>> hi. look how sweet he is. i literally took him away from his food and he says, it's okay. all right. very sweet. i'm not sure if you want more of your meal or a nap.

>> last but not least, it's boomer time.

>> a 2-year-old boxer mix.

>> very well behaved and strong like an ox.

>> doesn't he do tricks? boomer, i was told you shake hands . give me your paw. give me your paw. ah! shake on it.

>> we have richard from the animal care and control in new york. nice to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> let's bring out our first dog, a siberian hust ski, sky.

>> sky is very energetic. you have to keep her mentally and physically stimulated all the time. loves to take a bath. gets in the bathtub and absolutely loves the water. she sits.

>> does sky need a backyard? she needs space.

>> she needs exercise.

>> if you have another dog, a bigger dog because she'll tend to dominate the smaller dog.

>> she's obviously tame, even willie can handle her. all right. thank you so much. next, we have elvis, who is a jack russell mix. a little puppy. we love jack russells. they're kind of hyper, right?

>> very curious, will get into a lot of things. a lot of energy. if you have room on your bed, he will want to get in and snuggle with you. overall a very great dog.

>> and great with kids.

>> jack russells are very popular.

>> so wonderful.

>> other than being a little mischief vows from time-to-time and a lot of energy, this one is especially ffection not.

>> how much bigger will he get?

>> still a puppy. won't get much bigger.

>> we go from wow to meow. we have a little kitten. jackie is walking her out.

>> another cudler. loves to cuddle. probably purring his head off right now. so sweet. between all the activity and everything going on, you see how calm the cat is.

>> the situation with dogs is dire and even more for kittens and pets in the shelter, you really need to get out and adopt them.

>> you hear about people adopting dogs. do they not adopt cats as frequently?

>> we just get more cats, two-thirds more cats than rescue dogs and why we get more cats in our shelters.

>> this one acts like a dog. jackie is in love. jackie , sheldon , thank you.

>> last but not least, boomer being watched by none other than dr. oz.

>> yeah.

>> tell us about boomer. he looks like a solid little guy.

>> boomer, paw, paw.

>> that's not the first kiss dr. oz has gotten today.

>> why don't you add dogs are good for the heart and blood pressure.

>> so much information about being soul mates and pets and cab humans and therapeutic.

>> loves to kiss, 2 years old but acts like a puppy and working on house