TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Super Bowl shines spotlight on Harbaugh parents

It may be a parent’s dream to see their child participate in one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but what do you do if two children are competing on opposite teams? NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports on the dilemma Jack and Jackie Harbaugh will face as their sons coach the Ravens and the 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl.

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>> hey, guys, good morning. we are three days away from the biggest football game of the year. no one is really talking xs and o's. the big story is the big sibling rivalry between the harbaugh brothers and when the harbaugh parents decided to sit down and brag about their did kids a little bit, you can bet, we were all ears.

>> wow!

>> with that one word, jack and jackie harbaugh said it all, the proud parents of two nfl head coaches who happen to be facing off in sunday's super bowl addressed a sea of reporters and cameras.

>> you will ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie , who has it better than us? nobody!

>> and this is like frosting on the cake for our whole family.

>> reporter: a long time coming for two brothers and two parents, who wear called the day their eldest son, john, told them he wanted to coach.

>> we're having dinner and jackie says, john, what law school will it be? and john said, mom, i think i want to try coaching. jackie went face down into the mashed potatoes.

>> reporter: and so followed his little brother , jim and now they're facing off in the ultimate showdown .

>> it really is the ultimate showdown . two arch rivals facing each other in the biggest game of the year, especially if it's your brother.

>> one guy who knows a thing or two about facing your brother on the football field , last year's super bowl mvp , eli manning .

>> what's it like going against a brother? i know you didn't do it in the super bowl . still a lot of pressure there.

>> it's fun. see him before the game , shake hands. the first play, he's on offense and i'm yelling at jason to sack him. hit him! hit him!

>> fans are feeling the harbaugh 's hardship.

>> glad i'm not the parents.

>> it will be exciting. those parents, they don't know who to vote for.

>> reporter: ask mom, she's hoping they won't have to vote for any.

>> i think the nfl changed that rule. i think if it ends in a tie, it will be a tie.

>> reporter: just like good son, john and jim have one piece of advice for their parents.

>> both of them have shared this with us, mom and dad , please promise us that you will enjoy this. please, please enjoy this experience, and we're trying. i promise you, we're trying.

>> reporter: you know, they actually sat there almost an hour talking to everyone. they really enjoyed it. they played to the fans, played to the camera, played to the media. they did not favorites. they weren't going to go there. they want both teams to win. not going to happen, guys,