TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Jason Bateman talks new ‘classic road trip movie’

In the new movie, “Identity Thief,” actor Jason Bateman plays a guy determined to bring justice to the woman who stole his identity. He chats about the movie, saying he suggested changing the thief from a man to a woman for the opportunity to work with co-star Melissa McCarthy.

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>>> i had no idea what that was about but we liked it. you liked it, i liked it.

>> back now with jason bateman , star of the new movie, identity thief , plays sandy bigelow and determined to bring the other sandy bigelow who's ruining his life, to justice. take a look.

>> come over here and give me your wrists.

>> okay.

>> now, i have a plan --

>> i'm lady, animal.

>> stop fighting me.

>> you like that? you like that? how about that? you like that? this isn't a kid, sandy.

>> don't!

>> ow! f .

>> stay down!

>> you're like a girl.

>> jason, good morning. welcome back.

>> thank you. that scene hurt.

>> she got you in the throat there really good.

>> the throat punch was a fake. the smacks to the beak were real. my nose bled twice during the filming of that.

>> just that scene?

>> yeah. she's got a lot of angers issue, that one.

>> she said physically she owns you during this movie. snow she did. i let her have me. i like to be submissive to women.

>> we saw that actually a little earlier in the show.

>> that was nice.

>> you're a producer of this movie and you're the one who saw melissa in bridesmaids and said she'd be the perfect identity thief , even though the role was written for a guy.

>> i, like everybody, fell in love with her and what she did in that movie. i went to the premier of that film and the next day, called the nudeio and my producing partner, scott, said, why don't we switch the feed from a man to a woman so i can work with this woman and do it quickly before th this film gets released to the public at the end of the week and she will be white hot . and she's way too expensive now.

>> that ship has sailed. it happens everyday. people have their identities stolen and you found a way to put comedy into that.

>> yes. we were doing the junket for this last week and 7 of the -- i don't know -- 12 journalists we talked to before lunch told us they had their identity stolen. it happens a ton. it's filled with comedy because it's a classic road trip movies. two of my favorite films are weath "planes and automobile" and "midnight run." we tried to mold this and the identity thievery is a nice way to get into that.

>> you've been in this business a long time and sometimes because you have this very youthful appearance, you have to stop and remind yourself you've been doing this a long time. has your perspective on this business changed over the years?

>> i'm increasingly more appreciative. it's really hard to stay employed in this business. i feel really fortunate.

>> you are on a hot street. you were here not long ago for the "change-up" with ryan reynolds .

>> you have to keep trying to work in good things with really really good people. melissa certainly qualifies in that.

>> the movies funny. i'm going to see it but the clips look hysterical. good to have you here.

>> thanks.

>> we're going here because savannah is exquisihere with your recent love interest in the studio, getting a pregnancy test no