TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Jimmy Fallon’s puppies ‘predict’ Super Bowl winner

With the Super Bowl just days away, Jimmy Fallon decided to let a litter of puppies do the predicting, and while a winner was chosen, most of the pups seemed to think that “Late Night” was past their bedtime.

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>>> with the super bowl just days away, jimmy fallon decided to let the puppies do the predicting. last night on "late night." which ever food dish got the most puppyies would win. they decided to take a nap.

>> are you listening to me? he went back. doesn't want to do it. there you go. you can do it. take it. there you go. [ applause ]

>> the ravens!

>> so, even after he released the hounds, only a few made it to the dish. but it is still a definitive win for the ravens, as you see there. it is now 7:12. back to savannah, matt and al. that is the most -- isn't that adorable?

>> low scoring game, 3-0. exactl exactly.

>> maybe yhe needed better dog