TODAY   |  January 29, 2013

‘Mocktails’ for all your Super Bowl guests

Tara Bench, food and entertaining editor for Ladies’ Home Journal, shows off fun cocktails (without the alcohol) that will score touchdowns with your party guests, including a “Nojito,” a “Hail Mary,” and limeade with a salted rim.

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>> it is day 22 of no drinking for a month on tv.

>> if you have given up liquor like we have on tv, but don't want to feel left out of the big super bowl weekend, we've got some delicious mocktails and a score with your friends.

>> care is the food and entertaining editor for "ladies home journal." they put us up to it.

>> you're doing so well.

>> she cheated.

>> eight to go.

>> eight to go.

>> we're counting.

>> it looks like wine. it tastes like wine. but it's dealcoholized. i want you to taste it. taste your chardonnay. i have a red one for you. all they do is bottle nonalcoholic. no faces. it's a lovely alternative.

>> taste it.

>> not quite.

>> okay.

>> so it's, it comes in all the varietals of regular wine. can you get your zinfendel and rose. it's a great way. very affordable. if you are worried about price point. okay. super bowl is coming up. we're going to go into mocktails and have fun. we have --

>> it's a take on a margarita.

>> i bet you could make a gifftini if you wanted to.

>> you know how to rim the glass? okay. you do. see this happen.

>> hoda has had a lot of experience.

>> rub a lime around the edge.

>> she needs to do it mostly naked in front of her window.

>> you know i'm paranoid now.

>> that you said it, and rightfully so.

>> i told you. she's excellent at it.

>> beautiful. we have sugar and salt mixed in there. this is kind of a salty limeade. here's a little --

>> gifforita.

>> all the calories and no punch.

>> you don't have to have the sauce to have fun. it's just flavorful.

>> that's actually great. that's good.

>> when you are at a party, you kind of want to have alternatives for those designated drivers.

>> an awful lot of people are on aa. you want to have something for them.

>> super bowl party is a long day, so you want to have alternatives for people that need to stop drinking.

>> you're right. smart, sarah.

>> so it's super bowl in new orleans this year. you can pay tribute to your favorite city. this is a hurricane.

>> hurricane.

>> and it's passion fruit juice and lime and a little grenadine to give it the beautiful pink color. look at that. so want to talk about cocktail glasses, and you can have mocktails and still serve them in the fun glasses. a little trivia. hurricanes are named after the glass because they have the shape of a hurricane lamp. that's the history behind it.

>> oh.

>> i never heard that. i lived in new orleans for years.

>> she also doesn't know the baby in the cake --

>> now you have a little history. you recognize this. we're calling it a hail mary . it's our take on the bloody mary . football season going. i know. it's the touch that we're changing. that is a slim jim . it goes with all your football snacks. add your celery, slim jim .

>> that is nasty. i mean --

>> what we've done here -- we've taken out the tobasco and twisted it up zoosh i knew there was something missing.

>> we added a little thai hot sauce.

>> okay.

>> it's a twist on that. should be delicious.

>> what is this going to be?

>> this is our no heato mow mojito. you got giffortini or whatever it is.

>> you can pick a favorite.

>> we made this just the same as a regular mocktail. you muddle the mint with the sugar and ice, and it's delicious.

>> why don't you show us.

>> now, this is something fun. look at this ice cube . look at this. it's a football made --

>> i love that.

>> you just don't want to fumble this football. it's a little messy.

>> putting your super bowl pumplg. this is pear, neck tar, apple juice , a little lemon.

>> you might like this, hode.

>> goes with all your super bowl .

>> i like that. i like that. that's all great.

>> we ended on a good note.

>> okay. come back next week for a real party.