TODAY   |  January 29, 2013

Quest for the best TODAY jingle

Viewer finalists Jon Michaels from Lexington, S.C.; Kayley and Andrew Walker of Denton, Texas, and Brent Morgan and Joe Radcliffe of Madison, Ala., compete for their original jingle to be named TODAY’s best, as judged by Grammy-winning producer David Foster.

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>>> for the best, your "today" show jingles. we asked you to send us an original tune, and our three finalists are here to compete for the title of "today's" best. they are john michaels from lexington, south carolina , kayly walker and andrew walker , no relation, from denton, texas, and brent morgan and joe radcliff from georgia. 16-time grammy award winning producer david foster , here to judge today. good to see you.

>> glad to be here.

>> no pressure, 16 grammys.

>> the "today" show is iconic. we want something hooky, we want something we can remember, get in, get out and remember it.

>> our director, joe michaels, that's in my head right now. you're playing for your daughter, jenna, 5-year-old jenna.

>> my sweet little girl .

>> let's listen to what you've got. where do you go when you need to know just who you can trust and who do you turn to for all the news you can turn to us savannah matt and natalie willie too hoda al and kathie lee we're neighbors we're friends we're family together we've weathered history yeah there's lots that we have done and the best is yet to come the good times the bad times we've laughed and cried we've shared with you the times of our lives after more than 60 years we're still here today today on nbc

>> all right. john michaels . what did you think?

>> if you worked my name in there, you might have had a better shot. you had everybody else 's in there. it was great. it was a good story. i would have preferred a hook to come in a little earlier. it was really good. good job, man.

>> you made jennings proud there. let's move on to our second contestant, kaykaylie and andrew walker .

>> i jumped on some cords, thought up some lyrics.

>> i came over, finished it up and recorded it that night.

>> what did you think of john's?

>> it was catchy.

>> he raised the bar a little.

>> yeah.

>> let's hear it, guys. take it away.

>> five, six, seven, eight. get up see the sun rise it's a new day let's start it right turn on the tv to our favorite show matt and savannah all you know good old al has the weather now come on natalie willie hoda and kathie lee today is the day to be who you want to be say what you want to say start again don't you know it's not too late life's a gift you've got to open it up today

>> all right. little harmonica, very nice.

>> what did you hear there, david?

>> it was nice. it was maybe not quite as punchy as the first one we heard. nevertheless, very good. so far, we're batting two for two. this is going to be hard for me.

>> cool. i'll let you guys think about that one for a minute. we'll move on to our third contestant, from madison, alabama.

>> that's clearly cheating, the whole keyboard, orchestra.

>> it better be good. i'm a keyboard player . so get on it.

>> how long have you been playing together?

>> we don't.

>> first time for everything.

>> this is first time.

>> cool. let's hear it. take it away, guys.

>> one, two, three, four. today today hey good morning a little fun before the day gets boring today where it's all good hearing what's happening in your neck of the woods today hey it's easy catching up with the world on tv today is all you need waking up today with nbc

>> all right. very nice.

>> very good.

>> definitely something a little different. more acoustic. what do you think?

>> love the little nbc logo at the end, the same way john did. joe . john. you'll be joe if you win. look, i'll tell you what, i was really impressed with all three of you. i think that from a producer's point of view, if i was producing the "today" show theme, if i had to go with one of you and make it into a hot 30-second spot, i would go with john.

>> wow, all right.

>> awesome.

>> i want to say i also co-wrote that with diana bryan out in seattle.

>> so you cheated, too? that's awesome. that's great.

>> holding that trophy.

>> i've had fun. everybody has been great here. i want to say thanks to the "today" show for this opportunity.

>> well done to all of you. congratulations, john. thank you all for the effort. great to have you with us.

>>> we're looking for the savviest saver in america. go to to share your one of a kind penny pinching secrets. if you send along pictures to show how it's all done that's even better. three finalists will have a chance to compete in studio for the title of "today's"