TODAY   |  January 29, 2013

McGhees talk ‘chaos’ of raising sextuplets

The McGhee sextuplets first captured hearts after their online video went viral, and now the family is letting America into their home to take a look at their hectic lives on “Six Little McGhees.” Parents Rozonno and Mia McGhee talk about the challenges they face daily, joking they’re “not looking forward to potty training” six toddlers all at once.

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>> everybody.

>> good morning.

>> i find myself stressed in 30 seconds. is this how normal life -- little chaotic, right?

>> extremely chaotic. right now they're 2 and there's no controlling them.

>> this is kind of the terrible twos time six, right, mia?

>> they run the house. we're outnumbered and they know it.

>> how are you guys adjusting? i know you love having them so little. in a way you don't want them to grow up, but also it's a lot to handle.

>> it is.

>> it is. it is a lot to handle. we waited ten years to even get a pregnancy. so, of course, i'm happy. i'm happy i have them. it is a lot of chaos, but we make it work.

>> i should ask how everybody is doing. they were born at 27 weeks.

>> four days, absolutely. no medical issues, anything.

>> give me an idea of the day in the life or a week in the life in terms of how much are you having to buy at the grocery store? what does it take to run this mcghee sextuplet operation?

>> and then some.

>> lot of prayer, lot of organization. you have to be on it. you have to have a lot of energy.

>> how many diapers are you changing per day?

>> ooh, goodness. i would say probably anywhere between 45 and 50.

>> 50 diapers a day, which is a lot.

>> it's a lot.

>> this is the age where you might start potty training .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> what does that thought do to you?

>> just trying to get through the terrible two stage right now. i'm not looking forward to potty training .

>> yeah.

>> that's not even -- i mean, that's just mind blowing.

>> they're sextuplets, of course, but they all have their own individual personalities.

>> they do. you see, we have six different personalities. they go their own direction. they do what they want to do. we want them to be individuals.

>> you got this reality show . what drew you to wanting to do that? it's exciting and it's fun but now everybody sees what's going on in your lives. do you have any trepidation about that?

>> no. we were on the oprah winfrey show and we received like an overwhelming response of letters saying how inspirational we are and encouraging we are. so we thought if we could do a reality show and they can see more of us and we can tell our story at the same time, let's do it.

>> yeah. and one of the big challenges, i know you have, ro, is keeping the spark alive in your marriage. you just did a prom thing?

>> yeah, we did. we're high school sweethearts and i know mia always wanted to have -- like go to the prom. and we were young and working. we had our own apartment in high school . we were unable to go to prom. and so i said, you know, why not go to prom? that's not nice.

>> yuh-oh. are you okay, sweetie?

>> maddie.

>> come over here, maddie. you've given us a spice of life. you are handling it