TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Fast and easy: Lemon rosemary chicken, pita pockets

Chef Debra Shigley, host of “Deb’s Kitchen” has developed a “Working Mom Special” dinner that’s healthy, fast and easy, using chicken seasoned in flavorful marinades. She also shows you how to use the leftovers for an even easier lunch.

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>> yes, it is time to head into today's kitchen. today we have fast and healthy meals for busy moms.

>> after a long day at work, most women don't have the time or the energy to spend hours, so debra, host of the web series deb's kitchen, has developed something she calls the busy mom special.

>> have you many hats, don't you?

>> we have two minutes per recipe. what are we making?

>> we're doing an easy roast chicken. it's very efficient, and you have a lot of leftovers. what we're going to do is pull back the skin because --

>> creeps me out a little bit.

>> embrace it, right? we're putting a little lemon rind, a little rosemary, fresh rosemary. a little garlic.

>> a little fresh garlic there. a little salt and pepper . smush it in there, and then finally we're going to finish the little drizzle of olive oil .

>> just a tad.

>> like what you do with the turkey.

>> that took you all of 15 seconds.

>> exactly. the thing is you want to get all that seasonings underneath the skin because that's what helps it stay extra juicy.

>> you put it in a bag?

>> we're going to marinate it in a zip lock baggie.

>> are you putting anything with it?

>> you can put extra olive oil or lemon juice if you have it. pop it in the frig for about half an hour. a couple of hours if you have the time, but most of us don't have a lot of time.

>> what are we going to do?

>> you're going to pop it in the oven.

>> what temp?

>> 350?

>> no, no.

>> get your numbers right.

>> what?

>> to give it that crispy brown you need 450 to start. really high heat.

>> do you cover it, debra?

>> i don't. i do it just plain 450 to start for 20 minutes . then you're going to take it down a notch to 400 and finish it off for another 20 minutes .

>> look how good this looks? look what's happening.

>> wear going to pair that with family-friendly roasted vegetables because, you know, it's wintertime. we hear about parsnips and turnips and exotic roots. instead you have broccoli, carrots and red roasted potato with olive oil rosemary.

>> that broccoli is rocking.

>> my 2-year-old loves it. my kids love it.

>> kids will eat their vegetable ifs you do it that way.

>> you can finish it off with a little lemon juice to cut that --

>> that's delicious.

>> that is awesome.

>> kind of brightens it up.

>> you never talked about the sauce that you cooked it in.

>> you can do a couple of different kinds of marinades. we could do a terriyaki or jamaican jerk . that's a part of the way you get a lot of different flavor varieties for your leftovers.

>> try this potato. one of the things can you do with your leftovers is do chicken pita pockets. cut our whole wheat pita pockets. you can use sliced rosemary chicken. have you lettuce. there's a lot of color. there's chopped tomato, and i want the vegetables pretty small because it's more fun, i think.

>> you get a taste of everything.

>> you get a taste of everything. a little feta cheese.

>> okay.

>> and then can you just finish it with a little touch of balsamic vinegrette.

>> anybody can make that.