TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Caption contest winner: ‘I’ve had a Ruff day’

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows wacky photos sent in from viewers around the country. She also shares the winner of last week’s caption contest and reveals this week’s entry.

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>>> time now for what the what where we take a look at all the photos you submitted that made you do a double take.

>> sarah has that week's top picks.

>> our first photo comes from jacquelin brown from clarksville, tennessee . if you have been told to watch your drinking, come on inside. we have a mirror behind the bar. maybe we should have just gotten a mirror. why stop drinking?

>> i was wondering what it had to do with piranhas, but apparently nothing.

>> next is from sheryl gaffney from milwaukee, oregon.

>> practice safe lunch. use condiments.

>> it almost looks like a bogts.

>> that's precious. i like that one.

>> stacy mitchell says the next one is from seeberville, tennessee . i'm so glad the bear is watching the sign and not me.

>> oh, my god. that's scare where i.

>> that was just on the side of the road in tennessee .

>> wow.

>> that's the view in tennessee . i need to move. sarah white from winter park , florida, sent us this photo. now, they even have a little life preserver . this is outside a pub in ireland. just in case you see that, make sure you jump in and help out.

>> can't say you weren't warned.

>> exactly.

>> finally e finally, laura from coronado, california, submitted this photo. 60 minute parking, but we're going to tow your vehicle after 30.

>> where is that, so we can avoid it?

>> that was at the san diego airport .

>> oh, no, indeed.

>> i like it. well, they know now, don't they?

>> yeah, they do.

>> okay.

>> we started our cashing contest, and this is the pictures from newton in federal way , washington. the winning caption is i've had a ruff day. that was cute.

>> can we pick the winner?

>> they submitted. we also have a photo nor next week so they can go ahead on to our website at klg and to commit their own.

>> a new one.

>> that's the new one.

>> oh, that's adorable.

>> so many things are coming to mind right now.

>> all right, sarah. thank you. it is almost time to