TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Best and worst of the SAG Awards

Entertainment Weekly senior writer Tim Stack shares the latest in entertainment buzz, including what comprised the best and worst moments of the SAG awards and rumors of a brawl between singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean.

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>>> and all the hollywood scoop you may have missed over the weekend.

>> whether it's big news on the big screen or a brawl involving chris brown . what else is new? entertainment weekly 's stud muffin tim stack has you covered.

>> hey, baby. how are you?

>> you had the popcorn popped. you were watching the sag awards .

>> all by my lonesome.

>> the sag started to lag.

>> they were kind of snoozy to me. there were some exciting things, like "argo" won, which i can't believe. "argo," there was all that talk about ben affleck being snubbed, and now they are winning everything.

>> they are up for best picture , though.

>> they're up for best picture .

>> do you think speilberg is scared?

>> yeah, i think so. the sag awards usually -- often predict the best picture winners, and ben affleck won the pga award. there was no --

>> yeah.

>> the producers guild award. it's predicted the last five best pictures.

>> crazy about that snow and so happy "downtown abby" won.

>> we get it. homeland won the emmys. downtown hasn't won a lot of awards here. i was kind of shocked. also, it wasn't the season that people loved, season two. i think people loved season one. season two got mixed reviews. they're adorable. they also -- they all looked completely different from when they were on the show. the one looks like emma thompson .

>> i want to see judi dench on it.

>> let's talk chris brown because we teased that. what's the latest?

>> supposedly chris brown , allegedly, last night, and frank ocean, who is this amazing new artist, got into a big scuffle outside a recording studio , and frank ocean tweeted he hurt his fingers, and now he can't play with one hand -- or two hands. i don't know. at the grammys. guitar. frank ocean is nominated for the most grammys this year.

>> which can't make chris brown thrilled. there was a time when chris brown was the hot new thing. like hoda. she's coming up. kelly ripa is -- this is upsetting to people that have been around for a while.

>> chelsea handle ler got you in a snit, didn't she?

>> we can't wait until we show that clip.

>> i tried to go there, be nice. impossible.

>> wow. rage.

>> what kind of other news?

>> she did that to your dress.

>> what other news for the big screen ?

>> oh, big screen news. box office , hansel and gretel. did not do well. michael b. jordan who was on "friday nightlights" he was supposed to be mading.

>> they won the best grand jury award, and rarely that happens.

>> rarely happens.

>> all right, honey.

>> you are the best.