TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

KLG, Hoda on wedding planning without a groom

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb share their opinions on how musician and “The Voice” coach Adam Levine performed as (shirtless) host of SNL, and they voice their very critical thoughts on “Project Wedding,” in which a woman plans a wedding without a groom in sight.

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>> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday, and it really is for all those folks out there who are crazy.

>> hi.

>> hey.

>> it's january 28th . happy to see you all today. happy to see my hodie, although i did see you on friday.

>> yes, we did.

>> we'll talk about that later.

>> we can say what we were doing.

>> we went on the steve harvey show today. it's taped. it's going to air sometime in the next few weeks.

>> yes.

>> there was one moment in the show that was surprising. you -- we were playing a little dating game , and kath had to pick between two guys which would be the right guy for me.

>> that steve harvey had found for her. they were phenomenal. tens.

>> kath had to pick between them.

>> it was a very tough decision, and you'll know why.

>> you will.

>> everybody is welcoming me back from vacation, which is lovely, but i wasn't on vacation.

>> you were working.

>> i was working my bagonias off. aren't they looking fine today? i was working out there, and it's so bizarre to come from 80 degrees with not a cloud in the sky --

>> to this.

>> it was chamber of commerce perfection until the last day that it started to rain, and i was, like, bye. i was going to chicago to meet you.

>> it was cold there too.

>> rain and snow.

>> it's going to be -- it was 30 something degrees today. or 20 something. on wednesday in new york it is supposed to be 60.

>> maybe even up to 63. can you imagine the whiplash? the crazy whiplash in weather? let's discuss because we're on the homestretch. almost. we have nine days left.

>> gosh, it seems like only yesterday we started this.

>> we want to promise you that after nine days on this program --

>> we are going to have a blowout.

>> it's going to be new year's eve.

>> better than new year's eve. better. we're going to have a party, and you're going to have to join us.

>> we're going to take ladies home journal and use it as a target. stla this is called a mimnosa is. it's orange juice . the reason i was out there shooting pieces -- and i'll tl you about the pieces i shot, but it's because we're taking our show out there in a couple of weeks. for two weeks.

>> to los angeles . we don't know where it's going to be exactly, but it's going to be beautiful and sunny. we're going to have a sweet little vacation so you can look and go, oh, my gosh, it's warm somewhere. 87

>> why would we play that song? that's salt in the wounds.

>> that's salt. anyway, we're going to go out and have some fun. you want to hear about the ones i shot or no?

>> we should save it.

>> let me say one thing. chelsea lajhandler is dead to me.

>> it's a "dateline" thursday. it's going to be bad news.

>> she's dead to me.

>> "saturday night live" is fun. adam levine was the host of the show. he did in his opening monologue a scene that was kind of like "the voice," and he needed coaches to help him host. there were three different coaches in the chair. they turned the chairs around. andy sandburg was one, and cameron diaz was the other, and then there was a surprise host. they wanted him to do well and take his shirt off. here's the third surprise host. take a listen.

>> jerry seinfeld . wow.

>> hello, adam.

>> wait. wait a minute. you want to help me host?

>> that's right, adam. i should be your coach. i get you. appealing, not as jewish as your name. i know that racket inside and out. i spent nine years on this network threading that needle, and i had to work hard at it. i didn't have an interesting look like some people. please, whatever you do, don't take your shirt off.

>> oh. thank you.

>> with that many tattoos it's hard to know if he took his shirt off.

>> i know. you're right.

>> i do not see as well as i should. i thought is he wearing a t-shirt with a bunch of --

>> he has a nice little body that adam levine . it's very tight action happening there.

>> oh, hoda likes those.

>> let's move over -- guess who is also back from california.

>> sarah went to the wine country , right?

>> yes, i was working my begonias off as well.

>> she never took the oath not the to drink on the show.

>> that's true.

>> no one asked me, so i wasn't going to jump in and volunteer.

>> you cannot go to the napa valley and -- you had a good time?

>> i had a great time. it's good to be back.

>> it's time for our fan of the week.

>> so our winner this week anastasia martin. she watches us on wpmi channel 15 . anastasia is a stay-at-home mom who loves to see what hot topics we are chatting about. an takesa and her daughter, hannah , have also taken on the challenge to take a break from the booze.

>> it is better than the 15 years one month and 355 days hannah has to wait for her first drink. keep your chin un, hannah . anastasia is also excited about hoda's new book.

>> well, look at that.

>> it would make a great read.

>> the "new york times" best selling book .

>> and it's a "new york times" best selling book . it's going to be amazing when she reads it in miami, florida.

>> yes, it will. 81 degrees there today. sdwlo anastasia will enjoy a three-night stay at the angler's boutique resort in miami. it includes $100 food and beverage credit.

>> that will get i you a mimosa.

>> now, miss sarah has something to do. the reason we had that early is because sarah is going to go outside in the snow.

>> in the snow.

>> we're starting something very exciting.

>> we hope. i have my doubts. i do.

>> we're doing a spinning wheel with games on it. we're going to get a couple of people who are just outside on the plaza. it may be one of them, but probably unlikely. they're going to spin a wheel and play a game with us during the last two minutes of the show, and it's going to be fun.

>> it's going to be a different game every day.

>> depending on who we pick. we're excited, and we can't wait to see who comes in. okay. super bowl is coming.

>> it is.

>> that means commercials are coming.

>> and they're, what, $4 million for a 30-second spot.

>> is it?

>> i think that's what it said. what it said.

>> here's the thing, what the smart people in advertising are doing? they're releasing commercials early, as you know, so we are --

>> on-line basically.

>> on-line or they get played in places like our show. now, in one case a commercial is doing something with three different endings, and they're letting you --

>> can you vote.

>> the viewers can decide. anyway, here's something.

>> for an audi .

>> yeah, audi .

>> look at you. so dashing. come on. nowadays lots of people go by themselves.

>> no, they don't.

>> yeah.

>> hey, son. have fun tonight.

>> oh, that's cute.

>> yeah.

>> cute. what's that? the prom picture of his mom and dad . is that a prom picture of his mom and dad ?

>> i think it's him.

>> his mom and dad with do-ups like that.

>> that's our favorite, apparently. so you can go on-line and vote. that is our --

>> funny, i don't remember that moment. it's cute.

>> it was cute.

>> i like that idea.

>> i thought he was going to come on to a girl and she wasn't going to go out with him until she saw that it was an audi and go, oh, in that case.

>> then you don't want her, do you?

>> he doesn't want her for anything other than just the evening anyway, hoda. he's 17. you know his frontal lobby will not even be finished until he is about 24.

>> that's sad.

>> here's something that's creepy. this is that marriage one. remember this one? there is a girl out there who -- we want to know if you think this is okay. she doesn't have a boy fwrend or even a prospect of who she may marry, but she's decided plan her entire wedding now so that way it takes the headache often of it when it actually comes to fruition at the end.

>> at least a decade before she meets someone. she has printed pictures of hairstyles, flower arrangements, rings, even looked up locations and found --

>> weird.

>> -- found a wedding planner. if you don't have a guy in mind, why are you planning?

>> i just think -- i -- first of all, are you the same person you were a month ago much less five years ago?

>> no. yeah.

>> it's an exercise in futility. it's very, very -- it reeks of desperation and it's sad. she should go work in a homeless center or something and be with people that have real problems.

>> right. and stop picking out your flowers.

>> she might meet a potential husband. you know what, get out of herself, and she will probably meet somebody. that's a selfish -- self-absorbed -- she's a lovely human being if we would meet her.

>> what are your favorite things?

>> faith thing i've been trying to tell is mary used this. i have -- she shapes our eyebrows for us. when we have benoit from for a while, they get wiry and out of control. this is a product called hourglass arch sculpting brow pencil. $32 at hourglass

>> have you to brush them.

>> or you can find it at sephora. it has the brush, which many of them, do and it's vegan, by the way.

>> vegan?

>> you can eat it. anyway, i don't know if you can see this. you know how you want to shape your eyebrow? it needs to be angled, and it has a waxiness to it so when you shape your brow, it stays put, and you don't look like -- you know donald trump 's has a life of their own. that's fine on donald, but on you that's not okay. i want milania brows, not donald brow where's sdmroosh if you are looking for a pair of leggings, and you say you can't find the right ones or they stretch in the back. these are the best leggings in the world. these will be the only pair you'll buy. you might buy three or four less expensive ones. they're $90. they're bit white and warren. can i just -- can i tell you something? they are the best leggings. they don't lose their shape. they are comfortable. white and i wear them. i live in them.

>> you certainly do, hoda. let's get a new pair.

>> you won't -- you only immediate one, like anderson cooper . one pair. you'll wear them to death.

>> wash them on occasion.

>> when i left about ten days ago, you were in them. when i arrived in chicago, you were in them.

>> i was in them. i love them.

>> can i borrow your leggings? i'm freezing.

>> get an umbrella.

>> there's people.

>> i need your help, though.

>> no, no, no. you get