TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Nacho nirvana: Build the perfect pile of chips

With the Super Bowl less than a week away, there is no excuse for serving less-than-stellar nachos. Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit reveals the best strategy for making sure no one is left with soggy chips and no toppings on game day.

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>> with tender loving care? our nacho guru, adam rappaport is here to tell us.

>> first of all, i was told we were going to be doing this outside in new orleans. my people lied to me.

>> how do you make sure you don't get the dreaded naked chip?

>> first of all, think of it this way. we're not making nachos. we're building nacho. you start with a good sheet tray. you need the sides. you don't want cheese oozing everywhere. you need the good chips. you need to support everything that's going on there. start layer of chips. cheese, meat, beans.

>> can we stop?

>> oh, boy.

>> cheese. never, ever the stuff that's the liquid goop.

>> if you have to pump it, you don't want it.

>> that's not cheese.

>> we like a mix of sharp cheddar and monterey jack .

>> yes.

>> use a lot. when it bakes it sort of cooks down. it's like a bag of spinach. where did it all go? be generous. be liberal with it. a lot of cheese. if you want meat, we love pulled pork . we have a great recipe on bon you sort of sprinkle that on as well.

>> is there going to be another layer on top of this?

>> there will be three to four layers. come on, matt.

>> last you all four quarters. black beans , canned is fine. rinse them before you put them on.

>> to reduce the soginess?

>> yes. first of all, nachos are a personal experience. beyond the cheese it's kind of up to you.

>> all right.

>> another layer. you're going to layer them and layer them. as i said, go for it. get on that cheese.

>> my pork is frozen over here.

>> yes, natalie.

>> there's the --

>> all the cold stuff goes on after it comes out of the oven. when you're done layering, you have a mountain of nachos.

>> that is a mountain of nachos. you want ten pounds.

>> this will feed an army.

>> how long will you have to cook that to make sure they get done all the way through?

>> 20, 30 minutes, around 350 degrees. you don't want to scorch them. you want them to cook through. you want that nice, melty, molten mound of nachos.

>> when the cheese is melted?

>> they're done. magic of television, we've got our nachos. here they come.

>> nice.

>> you want them hot. be careful with the tray. the tray will be hot, obviously.

>> thank you.

>> i put radishes on nachos. al, come on.

>> no.

>> you have avocado, radishes, salsa.

>> you're missing my favorite nacho topping.

>> which is what? taco sauce?

>> sour cream.

>> there you go. some people like -- i'm an avocado guy. you have nice crispness with the radishes. you can put fresh cilantro on there.

>> no technique.

>> no. and you can kind of, you know --

>> there you go.

>> we're just going to eat?

>> dig in there.

>> that's the point.

>> get them while they're hot. have a big tray. people