TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Family of 14 sells home, lives full-time in RV

Tired of the daily grind, Dan and Susie Kellogg decided to get rid of their home and car payments in favor of adventure with their 12 children. The family of 14 piled into an RV and now travel around the country, enjoying all that nature has to offer. NBC’s Bob Dotson reports.

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>>> "today's" american story with bob dotson comes from colorado where one family reminds us that work and life are not the same words. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. on vacation last summer, and born that simple truth. now they're doing something that most of us only dream. the kids love kayaking so much, they found water cold enough to slide on. so no one was really surprised when they set out this winter on a much bigger adventure. traveling the unknown.

>> now we've got the entire country as our backyard.

>> reporter: they're giving up this childhood eden to --

>> get rid of the mortgage, the car payments and breathe.

>> what time is it, daddy?

>> reporter: dan and susie kellogg plan to live full time in this rv . with enough kids to field a football team .

>> carrie.

>> brody.

>> kylie.

>> mattie.

>> that's 11.

>> dan thought our family was complete.

>> then this little bench warmer, cody, was born last october.

>> i think everybody already looks at us and says my gosh, 12 kids. how on earth do you cope?

>> living so close together. it could be like putting kittens in a sack.

>> reporter: how do you handle the chaos of 14 kids and adults on the road?

>> we do try to lead and not bar bark.

>> reporter: to ease overcrowding, kids camp outside when they can. cutting edge technology make this is pioneer lifestyle possible. dan doesn't need an office to be a software engineer. the internet links them to the necessities of everyday life . this is the kind of family that would have been first in line on the oregon trail . they would have fit right in with those folks in covered wagons. the ankkelloggs set off for the same reason as pioneers, freedom from ordinary lives.

>> this is what freedom is when you go after it.

>> reporter: we do not always travel words of wisdom .

>> say them and rewrite them.

>> reporter: kelloggs home school their kids each morning. afternoons are set aside for exploring.

>> how am i going to get down?

>> i want them to live life in the moment and not living for tomorrow. every single day is a weekend.

>> reporter: such freedom is tough. to survive will take grit and a pioneer's optimism.

>> there are times where it's hard, of course. life is hard. if you have faith and you just keep forging ahead , it works out always, always.

>> reporter: at first their oldest daughter, carrie, wasn't on board zblie thought going in an rv wasn't normal and it was weird.

>> reporter: but she quickly realized.

>> we could do anything we want now, anything, and nothing is holding us back.

>> reporter: the 19-year-old passed up college to start her own company, creating art for clients on the internet. all but the youngest kellogg kids have a job to do.

>> if it doesn't get done, we don't get going.

>> i really want our family to stay this close forever.

>> reporter: even when life twists and turns and pulls them apart.

>> i have no clue how this is all going to work out.

>> reporter: but susie and dan don't dwell on the uncertainty ahead, just possibilities. they are teaching their kids the glorious feeling of starting every day new.

>> yeah. what an adventure, an education. but only one bathroom on that rv , right, bob?

>> i learned that the hard way.

>> we're all thinking it. thanks so much. great story.