TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Book a cruise now to enjoy warm weather for less

Even though we’re still in the midst of a cold winter, it’s not too early to set your sights on warmer climates. Kate Maxwell of reveals why now is the perfect time to book a cruise to save money, and shares her tips for choosing the right boat for you.

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>>> kate, welcome back. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> 21 million people wun went on cruises last year and more expected this year.

>> yes. your include, bempverages sometimes and you get to see multiple destinations in one vacation.

>> you want us to book even though it's snowing outside or maybe because it's snowing.

>> you don't have to travel during wave season, but you should, because cruises offer the best deals.

>> buyer beware . what do you need to know before you book?

>> shop around. just as flights and hotel prices tend to fluctuate, cruise prices do, too. they can be cheaper one day than the next. do your research.

>> and do some homework about the ship that you might be spending a week on?

>> older ships perhaps coming up for renovations, cruise lines offer good deals on those and brand new ships, inaugural voyages. april for the caribbean, april, may, september for europe, cheaper prices.

>> let's talk about specifics. royal caribbean , majesty of the seas . what do i need to know ?

>> it was renovated about five years ago, a climbing wall , spa, loads of restaurants. they have a really good, fantastic value cruise to the bahamas. $209 per person. that includes a $50 on-board credit. it goes to their keys, a private keys.

>> $209 per person? that's very cheap.

>> exactly.

>> disney dream, this is like going to disneyland but you're on the open seas?

>> exactly. it starts at $399 for adults and $141 for children. and that, you'll see all your favorite disney characters there. there's a mickey pool, nemo pool, musicals, screenings and parties. disneyland at sea.

>> i've got three little kids. i understand it's all about the kids. as an adult, am i going to go slightly batty on this cruise?

>> you're a huge mickey fan, aren't you?

>> are there things for adults to do?

>> lots of things. lounges and bars. plus it's second to none. if you don't want to see your children all weekend --

>> take them on a disney cruise . you never have to see them.

>> exactly.

>> this one is called the breakaway.

>> brand new cruise going from england to new york at the end of april. it costs from $999 per person.

>> priceyer.

>> but that includes your flight to london. i looked at flights this morning and couldn't find one for that much money. brand spanking new ship. it holds 4,000 people. it's like a five- star hotel at sea. incredible restaurants, spas, fantastic bars.

>> at the end of april you won't get super warm weather but at least it will be nice out on the open seas?

>> exactly.

>> kate maxwell, appreciate it.