TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

‘Loser’ contestant talks clashing with Jillian

Pamela Geil, the latest contestant to be eliminated from this season of “The Biggest Loser,” chats about her time on the show and trainer Jillian Michaels’ “tough love approach.”

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>>> "the biggest loser" ranch. what was with you and jillian? what was the deal there?

>> jillian? she has a real tough love approach and it doesn't necessarily work on anyone -- everyone, i should say. at the end of the day , we really got it together. unfortunately, it was my last week at the ranch. she's a great trainer. she knows what she's doing. we just had a little friction.

>> is that what led to you doing the victory dance on the scale?

>> well, that was following our chaotic last chance workout, where we screamed at each other. i was so nervous i was going home and that was to be my legacy. clearly, you can see i lost it.

>> wow! when you look at that video and you look at yourself today, can you believe it's the same person?

>> no.

>> because you look terrific.

>> put a shirt on before you do a victory dance . i can't believe it's the same person. i feel incredible.

>> how much have you lost at home?

>> i've lost 30 pounds.

>> a little over 60?

>> correct.

>> changes completely, doesn't it?

>> it really does.

>> congratulations. good luck.

>> thank you so much.

>> and continued success. pamela, it's great to have you. by the way, you can catch "the biggest loser" tonight at