TODAY   |  January 28, 2013

Obama, Hillary Clinton: Rivalry is ‘ancient history’

In a revealing interview on “60 Minutes,” President Obama and Hillary Clinton talked about their close relationship, dismissing their 2008 campaign battle as “ancient history,” and Clinton discussed her recent concussion and subsequent blood clot. NBC’s Chuck Todd gives his take on their words.

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>> chuck todd , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> since we are incorrigible, let's take it one step further. what did we watch last night, an incoming president give a warm farewell to an outgoing secretary of state or did we watch a president pass the baton now?

>> reporter: had hillary clinton not taken his invitation, the possibility of a democratic party that was split in two, senator hillary clinton sort of being the arbiter of any policy proposal the president was going to put out there, it would have been reminiscent, negatively in democratic party circles of the jimmy carter , ted kennedy years, which hurt the party for nearly a decade. this really was a thank you. because getting her to come in and the fact that she was such a team player once she went in, this was really the president doing that. i'm with you, matt. i think the picture speaks louder than any words can say and there is this running joke of whether joe biden is still being peeled off the ceiling when he found out about this interview.

>> no major headline coming out of the interview. however, headlines were made about the time we were watching that interview by a bipartisan group of senators who put together an immigration reform . this ahead of the president's plan that he will lay out.

>> it's an agreement in principle. the players are just as interesting as the proposal itself. republicans that are coming to this agreement are john mccain , marco rubio , jeff flake , lindsey graham , the democrats, chuck schumer , dick durbin , michael benn bennet, robert menendez . probably the most controversial part will be all of these folks here in this country illegally under this proposal, should it pass, would not be asked to leave the country. they would have a path to citizenship, a path to being legal and that, of course, the devil is going to be in the details on this. but that is going to be the test, whether conservative republicans who have been against this for a long time, whether they can sign on to it.

>> we'll get a chance to listen to what the president has to say on this, as i mentioned, tomorrow in las vegas . chuck todd in washington. thank you very much.