TODAY   |  January 27, 2013

Watch bat attack at college basketball game

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe takes a look at video showing a bat flying wild during the Marquette-Providence basketball game Saturday night that had even some of strongest players swatting at the little guy.

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>>> big, strapping strong athletes facing off with a little very cute animal. guess who wins? the furry creature was a bat. that little bat somehow flew on to the court at last night's basketball game between marquette and providence. the little guy tortured the six-footers. a few brave souls tried to battle the bat. all in all, it was bat, one, athletes, didn't. that is all the important news. now, back to you.

>> i could have handled the bat.

>> the scenario was you to snake as they are to bats.

>> bats don't freak me out like these guys.

>> he says that now.

>> let's get the bat in here and see how that goes.

>> actually, let's not.