TODAY   |  January 26, 2013

British teen mistaken for ‘One Direction’ star

Which is which? Harry Styles, the heartthrob of Britain's biggest boy band, has a doppelganger in fellow Brit Jacob Skelton, 15, who has become an overnight sensation because his wind-swept hair and cheeky smile has everyone doing a double take. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> boy band one direction is top dog in the music world , boosted by their single "what makes you beautiful." they stole the hearts of virtually every teenage girl in the world. now a 15-year-old british boy is getting the star treatment. and it's all due to his resemblance to one direction member harry styles. we have the report from london.

>> reporter: britain's biggest boy band storming america in a way not seen since the beatles.

>> reporter: the crowds went wild when one direction appeared on the "today" show in november. the group's biggest heartthrob is harry styles. no surprise the girls love him.

>> reporter: but guess what -- this good-looking teenager walking the streets isn't harry. meet jacob . the 15-year-old has become an overnight sensation because his windswept hair and cheeky smile has everyone doing a double take.

>> oh, my god. i'm shaking.

>> i love you. i'm waiting

>> reporter: can you tell which is which? the one on the left has dated taylor swift . the one on the right is still in high school . jacob didn't notice the celebrity resemblance until a friend's mom pointed it out.

>> one direction were on tv. my friend's mom just looked at one direction and looked at me. she noticed the resemblance.

>> reporter: now everyone's noticing. in two months, jacob has gone from 36 followers twitter to more than 14,000.

>> i've got a lot of marriage proposals.

>> reporter: jacob is thinking about cashing in. the look-alike business is booming with brits. check out kate and the queen. once again, that's not them. they're lookalikes, and they're in high demand.

>> reporter: according to reports, harry styles thinks his double is great. at least he doesn't have to worry about competition. jacob admits he's a terrible singer. nbc news, london.

>> that's one 15-year-old who is living the life.

>> talk about making your day. yes. he is going to have a very good year.