TODAY   |  January 26, 2013

Anchors give microwaveable slippers a test run

As the temperature drop across the country, TODAY anchors gave Hot Booties a try, which are microwavable slippers filled with natural linseed and lavender seeds. “They kind of feel like a wet sock,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer.

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>>> speaking of late night products, we are trying out some hot booties in the house. yes, hot booties. our executive producer saw these on tv, wanted to see how they worked. so here we are for her benefit. you pop them in the microwave for, what, 30 to 90 seconds, then you put them on.

>> i could take --

>> then you have a foot war.

>> who knows -- the warmth kind of dissipated quickly.

>> a little bit. we had them on for a couple of minutes.

>> but i agree with you, they feel like a wet sock.

>> yeah. a little -- my feet are sweaty.

>> yeah.

>> if economic in from the cold -- if i come in from the cold -- we should have been this after we were outside. you can't walk in them. they're for lounging.

>> they look like they'd be great to walk in.

>> they smell good. i like