TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

11 ways to have fun with kids in the snow

Meredith Sinclair from shows off snowshoes, a snow blaster, and a variety of games your kids can play during a snow day this winter.

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>>> well, the kolder weather is definitely here make it hardtory get your kids to step away from the computer and the tv and go outside and play.

>> but even if it's still warm where you are, time to play contributor meredith sinclair has fun ideas to lure them outside and burn some calories.

>> get them outside.

>> yes.

>> how are you?

>> they like to go outside.

>> even though it's so cold, 20 minutes outside can really make everybody happy, right?

>> this is not your mother's sled.

>> no, no.

>> this is a collection of my favorite sleds. the first one i'm going to show you are these. these sort of round sleds are walru sleds. they connect to each other, so you can build that train.

>> like a train. yes.

>> exactly. $19.99. really affordable. then this is by lucky bombs. i love the name of these too. these are both by lucky bombs. these are really light weight. your kids can take them up by themselves, and they're fast, and they are beginning snowboards. they can start and hop --

>> hop on to the back too.

>> snow ball playing is make tag on a new meaning with these turbo things you have. tloo this is not for little, it is kids.

>> they're actually a little safer than your kids going out and beating each other really hard. this is a snowball blaster, and this is a crossbow. we're going to let you try this.

>> okay.

>> you load it in the front.

>> what's great is you can build snowballs.

>> oh, okay.

>> then just put them in.

>> put them in.

>> then i say get some targets in your neighborhood. you know, on the trees or the --

>> what is this?

>> oh, you know.

>> safer.

>> the snow.

>> wait a minute.

>> no, it does --

>> they're more of a lobbing kind of action. i think it's actually safer.

>> ow. didn't hurt at all.

>> be careful with those. snowball kz hurt people.

>> you can fwif this a try too. my boys love rc anything. when you take them outside, they get trashed. this is a train twister. it's meant for snow and land and water . you can make it go. it goes -- the bigger -- the harder the terrain, the better.

>> that's cool.

>> can it go over?

>> it will go over.

>> you can make it go all kinds of places.

>> and on water.

>> and the water.

>> love it.

>> come on.

>> you want to get out and take a walk with your kids. this makes it fun. these are snow pods. at the make a monster track in the snow. in the sand too in the summer.

>> football, it's coming super bowl . flag football is one of our favorite games because no one is getting hurt. this is the training camp set, and i like it because this is small for littler kids, and then, you know, you have to have an outside one. this is the nerf weather grips. can you throw a mean spiral, and girls should know how to throw a spiral too.

>> exactly.

>> so they're sitting on the couch and you need to get them outside. these are super fun. ogo sports. little minitrampolines. 150 feet up in the air, and it makes catch really fun. what's great is if you buy this this season, it's also great in the pool.

>> i love it.

>> they float.

>> this is jube, another -- --

>> you have to be careful.

>> just launch it.

>> look at you.

>> awesome.

>> all right.

>> i think we might have to wrap it up. i'm sorry. here's go sg great. we want to say good-bye to our good friend meredith vieira . did you have fun?