TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Clear the clutter! 6 tips to get organized

Professional organizer Amanda LeBlanc tries to help Hoda Kotb and Meredith Vieira get their messy lives in order with organizers for their closets, bathrooms and jewelry.

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>>> okay. all weeklong we've revealed how completely unorganized we are. we're going to reveal some of meredith's photos from her closet. this is what she took over the weekend. she started to clean out her closet, and then ended up leaving everything out in the hallway, and then we decided it was time to look in our bags, and we were all kind of crazy stuff inside our purses. i had mardi gras beads. amanda , don't judge. a zip lock bag full of god knows what.

>> clearly we have an issue.

>> we have an issue.

>> so here to help us clear the clutter and actually turn our rooms into practical, beautiful spaces is the star of the style network show "the amandas" professional organizer from new orleans, amanda .

>> is there any hope?

>> there is hope. i just want to say that -- that's not what most people would consider a purse what you have. it's a travel bag .

>> a travel bag .

>> it's a backpack, but i use it as a purse, which means it is my purse.

>> okay.

>> so i took a peek inside, and there are definitely things can you do. these purse organizers, if you have lots of different compartments. the great thing is you put your essentials in there, the things you have to have every day, and then you know at least where those items are, and you can transfer this from purse to purse, so --

>> i have one of those. i've had one of those.

>> did it work?

>> no. clearly, it did not.

>> we'll have to talk. that one is a different type where you can put it around the outside.

>> like this, and you fill up the pockets.

>> yeah. i just have trouble putting things in pockets.

>> you put things in plastic bags and zip locks. you try to organize. you do try.

>> amanda . let's look at meredith's closet. it isn't so bad.

>> one of the biggest problems people have with closets is they don't have enough storage, and they have too much in there. a great way to eliminate the problem is to double or triple your storage by adding a great adjustable storage system. this one is from organized living called freedom rail. it's very ease wherey to install. it will double or triple your storage.

>> what did you add? this extra layer right here?

>> you can give yourself drawers, double hang, shelves for showers.

>> how much does it cost?

>> no, actually, this is a really inexpensive line.

>> it is?

>> you can start from $150 and go up from there and customize it to your needs. another great organizing tip is you can get a ballet rod. you can pull out what you are wearing on the show the next day, hang it, and then get dressed.

>> so you go and they'll measure this for you, though, because how do you know?

>> yes. you know, there are on-line -- there's a design your own tool at organized living that you can design your own closet. easy steps. you can call one of the dealers and they'll help walk you through the process.

>> do you color coordinate things.

>> it makes it easier to know what you have if all those same type of shirts are together, and can you see what your wardrobe is. it helps to you put things together a little easier and get out the door feeling great.

>> look how those purses are stored.

>> i could never reach them.

>> the shelf dividers help everything to stand up in the piles and not to fall over on each other.

>> i like how it looks.

>> beautiful. you'll never do it.

>> let's go to the bathroom. we're staying in that same vein of getting dressed in the morning. laetsdz, this is my bathroom drawer.

>> really?

>> i brought my bathroom drawer. all the toothpaste and the toothbrush, everything has its own compartment.

>> this is an insert.

>> yeah. when you are getting dressed in the morning, everything is right where you need it. get dressed, put it right back. these compartments, you can wipe them out with a color objection wipe. the gunk isn't all over the drawer. the paper we put on the bottom, it's a pretty touch. this is smart for jewelry. mine is always tangled up, and i'm always trying to undo it.

>> jewelry and accessories are the last thing we put on and we don't have a lot of time. this is a great way to display your jewelry so that can you accessorize in a quick hurry, and you're not finding one earring or getting a tangled necklace.

>> where do you put this? this is big?

>> they come in different sizes. you can make them yourself. hang them on the wall next to a mere or or wherever.

>> we don't have a lot of time, but let's run through these things. this is how you organize your kid's room.

>> it's called a basket.

>> the great thing about this is the label on the front. for kids who can't read, you can put pictures and words.

>> stuffed animals.

>> get them in the habit of picking up.

>> it gives them the independence of doing things on their own.

>> this is going to be critical. so everybody has piles of mail. this is a quick and easy action file where you can pay that mail as it comes in.

>> you put it in. okay.

>> check it later.

>> then you come back when you have time.

>> that's a great idea.

>> last thing is this is for busy moms. organizing kids in the car. you put everything you want your kids to have access to in the back seat. books, movies, drinks, snacks. when you are on the go, you don't -- you can keep your eye on the road. hands on the steering wheel.

>> they can pull out --

>> great idea.

>> are you going back to