TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

The week’s best and worst in pop culture

Julie Klausner of New York magazine breaks down the top pop culture stories of the week that was, giving her take on everything from the Obama girls joking around during the inauguration ceremony to DVR overload on Sunday evenings.

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>>> every week, new york magazine wraps up the best and the worst in pop culture , politics and everything between in their approval matrix. here to break down the week that was, new york magazine editor .

>> hi, willie .

>> we'll see ponies and sweaters in a few minutes.

>> yes.

>> but not yet.

>> we will be, so please don't turn the channel. there will be shetland ponies , wearing sweaters.

>> i dare you to turn the channel.

>> i feel sorry for you if you do.

>> we'll start with the brilliant and high brow grid. covering the inauguration unlike anyone else.

>> figuring out which moments are important and which we could do without.

>> including apparently bill clinton a fan of ankkelly clarkson.

>> she was mounting the podium to sing "my country tis of thee." as she did, a familiar face popped out in the aisle with an expression, very eager to take in all sides of kelly clarkson .

>> perhaps an unfair frame that was captured but maybe telling a bigger story.

>> in this age, you see a face like that and it instantly becomes an internet -- he looks like a bill cosby facial expression .

>> a big fan of her work. the obama girls became celebrities of their own on that d day , monday, with some cellphies.

>> photos that normal teenagers use cell phones to take of themselves. this is such an awesome photo because we see these girls acting goofy, you know, striking these sort of dopey poses with their friends the way that normal teenagers do. even though they may not be normal teenagers, at least we know that they're awesome teenagers.

>> you classified both of the last two as brilliant. moving into despicable territory, we can all relate to this one. it's the sunday night dvr problem.

>> right.

>> so many shows on at once, what do you do?

>> admittedly, willie , this is a first-world problem. i understand in the grand scheme of things this is not something that actually implies suffering. that said right now sunday nights at 9:00, there's a lot of good shows on. dvr records only two at the same time. it can result in some conflict, tension between you and your partner. you can't watch everything. what do you do? like i said, again, a very privileged problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

>> i say tie goes to " real housewives of lpt." if you have a problem, go right there.

>> when has nene ever served us wrong?

>> that's the winner. a new web series where a woman goes into a vintage store and feels and tells the story of the clothing. let's watch a clip.

>> hi, i'm roxanne elizabeth russellman and i'm a vintage store psychic. interesting. this seemed to be a gift given to a woman named laura. whoever buys this bracelet, it will be unimaginable, the power. it will bring them a lot of luck.

>> the question here, julia, is why?

>> why didn't she buy that bracelet?

>> yeah.

>> this is a one-woman reality show waiting to happen. based on her name alone. this woman is such a fantastic character. and it's kind of amazing this has never been done before. she goes into a vintage store. she tells the stories of where these clothes are, when people wore them. was somebody wearing this shirt when she died? was somebody wearing these shoes when they got married? the greatest part about being a clothing psychic is that the clothes can't tell you when you're wrong.

>> that's a good point. i'm not sure i want to know the story of the dead person who owned my clothes previously.

>> no.

>> brilliant low brow , according to you on the matrix, ponies wearing sweaters. take us through it.

>> first of all, there's not much more to say beyond looking and enjoying this image. willie , they are ponies and they are wearing sweaters.

>> and shetland ponies wearing shetland sweaters.

>> this is part of a tourism campaign for scotland. i am told the ponies names are bibla and vitamin. and they are being dressed by, i guess they call them, rompers. they're homemade in scotland. these are just -- such a perfectly timed anti-depressant during the time of the year where it's cold, we have the winter doldrums. we look at these ponies. if you don't feel better looking at them, i honestly don't know what to say to you.

>> i think you make it your screen savor and you're going to get yourself through winter.

>> it becomes your state of mind .

>> julie gloucester, good to see