TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

What’s new in entertainment, gossip, style

To keep you in the know about news and trends in the worlds of entertainment, Hollywood gossip, and style, Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly, Suzanne Zuckerman of People, and beauty and style expert Jenn Falik share the latest headlines and trends, including the possible name of Adele’s baby and rose gold jewelry.

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>>> back now at 8:11, what's new, what's up, what's in? everything in fashion and beauty, three people are in the know and are here to fill us in.

>> what's new in the entertainment world? tim stacks is a writer for " entertainment weekly ." movie 43, bunch of stars in it, bunch of directors, but what's it about exactly?

>> unclear. sex jokes and a lot of dirty comedy. two of the directors of this movie, brett ratner , starring hugh jackman , halle berry , really big crude r rated comedy with all these interconnecting story lines. they've been trying to keep it very secretive because a lot of it is shock value. you don't want to give away like -- oh, there's --

>> maybe that's the point. you have to go see the movie.

>> you have to go see it.

>> another one out this weekend, big theatrical release

gretel: witch hunters ." why is everything about hunting?

>> i know, playing bananagrams. they've grown up, hunting witches for a living like bounty hunters . people love horror movies and it has this, obviously, built in appeal.

>> we have the s.a.g. awards sunday, which will lead up to the oscars. what should we expect?

>> i think "lay mishl miserables." it will be a three-way race between " les miserables ," "lincoln" and "silver linings playbook."

>> that's your banana gram. thank you so much. savannah?

>> moving on to what's up, suzanne zuckerman is here. the adele mystery. she didn't want to reveal her son's name. there may be a hint in a necklace she was wearing?

>> yes. she was photographed in west hollywood wearing a name plate necklace that said angelo. the mystery of adele's baby name may be solved.

>> shakira just had a baby named milan and tweeted out a picture of his feet?

>> little newborn feet clad in nike sneakers. his father is a soccer star.

>> is this common, sending out pictures of pieces of their babies?

>> little feet in shakira's case.

>> lightning round, lady gaga and tony bennett teaming up again.

>> jazz album coming our way in the future.

>> new fashion line to look forward to. coach is the handbag maybe maker but now will do ready to wear garments?

>> women and men's clothing, rebranding themselves.

>> and finally whitney houston 's mother, cissy , has written a book. sounds like it's a very personal account of what happened to her whitney and her own grief as well.

>> it's a really raw, emotional sort of account of the grief that cissy , and the guilt that she really feels about not being able to save her daughter.

>> it sounds like it's pretty candid about the struggle that is whitney houston had.

>> it ist absolutely is, yes. she talks about going to her house trying to do intervention upon intervention, but unsuccessfully and that she really couldn't change the course of her daughter's life, which is tragic.

>> cissy will be here monday to talk about the book. we look forward to that. suzanne sachraman, thank you. now here's natalie.

>> savannah, thank you. some help from jen fallic.

>> such a big deal , launching february 10th at target. everybody loves them, the first lady, kate middleton , lady gaga . definitely diverse fans.

>> we're seeing some of the fashions here, right?

>> fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes.

>> good stuff. next natural lip balms. and these seem to be the new hot thing.

>> these are great under $4 a pop. they're like little rubber bouncy balls. inside a really wonderful formula of lip balm , super hydrating with different flavors. spf.

>> kids would love this. comes in a little ball, right?

>> yes.

>> and in the beauty section, oxygen bubble beauty. what is it with oxygen bubbles helping your skin?

>> it's the big new defor example if ier. it clears your pores. as you age you produce less oxygen. your skin can look dull. bliss has a whole line. oxygen bubble mask now a new foundation that i'm hooked on, infused with oxygen. it gives you radiance.

>> just air?

>> just air. bunch of hot air.

>> rose gold jewelry the big deal now.

>> it's the metal of the moment. it mixes well with other metals. it can be feminine or chunky and men's wear inspired. under $100. so many different styles. you get to wear silver, get to wear gold.

>> can mix it all up, okay. ladies, you're going to love this. the bikini, apparently on its way out, sort of.

>> one piece is in.

>> we saw celebrities wearing this, right?

>> beyonce, kim kardashian . you saw it on the one ways. it can be super sexy. or it can be more demure, if you're going on a winter get away, somewhere warm.

>> we love this. jenn falik, thanks so much.