TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Take a peek inside Tori Spelling’s refrigerator

TODAY health and nutrition editor Joy Bauer heads to the home of Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their five kids to check out the contents of their refrigerator. She finds eggs laid by their own chickens and makes potato chips with McDermott.

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>>> you can tell a lot about someone by what's in their refrigerator. this morning, tori spelling and her husband, dean mcdermott open up theirs to us. joy bauer, good morning.

>> good morning. i'm in front of the house of tori spelling and dean m mcdermott. this family is used to having their lives unfold in front of the cameras but i'm pretty sure nobody has ever taken a peek inside their fridge. that is exactly what we're about to do.

>> ready to show me your fridge?

>> there's something intimate about your fridge, it's sort of like looking in my underwear drawer.

>> let's do it. wow, this is a great fridge. you have a lot of stuff. you guys have to tell me about these eggs.

>> the green/bluish eggs are actually from our chickens. we have chickens.

>> gosh, i love this.

>> you can literally have a chicken anywhere.

>> new york?

>> yeah, why not?

>> all right.

>> i feel like i really am going into dean's underwear drawer. oh, what is that?

>> i made chili the other day, beef shoulder, pork shoulder and pork belly . and that was the leftovers so i'm going to use it for something else.

>> okay.

>> we are a meat family. we eat meat.

>> i don't mind meat at all. it was just so marbled so it freaks me out a little bit. light cream cheese but when you buy the whipped because the companies automatically incorporate air, it will drive down the calories and saturated fat.

>> didn't even know that.

>> who knew, right? what is that beautiful looking spread?

>> it was beat hummus. super simple, beats, white beans, garlic and salt.

>> here is my favorite.

>> vino.

>> how important is this for you guys with five children, four under the age of 6?

>> not important for them but for us.

>> little eraser on the blackboard of life.

>> what are you making?

>> we're making purple potato chips . so just pop them in. i'm doing a shallow fry.

>> what kind of oil are you using?

>> vegetable oil . just put them on a paper towel to drain some of the oil. shake. and then into a bowl.

>> i'm going to try this with my kids. so much better than anything that comes out of a bag.

>> thank you for liking our fridge and giving us a well rounded --

>> you have to meet another part of our family. this is cocoa, our chicken.

>> hi.

>> this is a glamorous chicken.

>> she is.

>> she would like to give you an egg for the road.

>> thank you. so delicious.

>> really cool.

>> thank you, guys. thank you for my egg.

>> and i guess, joy, dean was nice enough to throw open the doors of the fridge, huh?

>> such a beautiful family. they're not about diet food . irated them a well rounded fridge because they had a little bit of everything and they were kind enough to give you a big batch of the purple potato chips .

>> they're very good. i tasted one while i was watching.

>> and this is the beautiful red beat hummus. both of these recipes are on the website. people, it's friday. i'm thinking we're going to make this over the weekend.

>> did they tidy up the fridge before you came or was that the real fridge?

>> it was the real fridge. they organized it. opened up the freezer, too. i found some octopus in there. it was a little messy, but packed with stuff.

>> little more exotic than mine. joy bauer, good to see you.