TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Bobbi Brown shares makeup tips and trends

If you made a beauty-related New Year’s resolution and don’t know how to get started on it, Bobbi Brown is here for you. She helps women on the plaza, demonstrating how to apply eyeliner and bright lipstick and the best way to keep your makeup bag and tools clean.

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>>> some quick tips with lucky ladies on the plaza. take a look.

>> happy january.

>> thank you.

>> any beauty resolutions or anything you decided? you're going to wear makeup to work? that's your beauty resolution?

>> yes. before i didn't want to stand out that much at work.

>> have you ever thought of lining your eyes?

>> i'm afraid of eyeliner.

>> bobbi team, help! bobbi team, attention. gel liner, please. all right. i'm going to show you how just lining your eyes -- you're not doing it flat. you're doing it on the tip. close your eyes and you start lining at the outside. line all the way. it really just made your eyes stand out. what if we do something a little bronzy? how did you know? team bobbi. i'm always in a rush. i always go right to the fingers. really subtle.

>> i like that.

>> now have you ever filled in your brows?

>> never.

>> it's so easy. the best way to fill in your brows is with shadow. use a slanted hard brush. look how good she looks.

>> oh, wow, thank you.

>> right? hey! wow, you guys are all so gorgeous.

>> thank you.

>> anyone have a beauty issue or something they want to resolve this year?

>> i need the whole package.

>> don't we all? that's why we wear mascara. look in the mirror. see that? and this is fun because it gives you color and shine and it takes two seconds.

>> oh, thank you.

>> right?

>> all those pretty ladies on the plaza.

>> it was really cold.

>> except you warmed them up.

>> yes.

>> three beauty resolutions, starting with number one. clean out your makeup.

>> just dump it out. get rid of things that are broken, things that you haven't used and make sure the colors are right.

>> there's some rules of thumb. mascara should last, what, three months and then toss it?

>> three to six months and then toss it, yeah.

>> and things that are broken.

>> cleaning your brushes.

>> cleaning your brushes. nothing worse than using a makeup brush. you wipe it off first and then you take a thing of water and -- thought we had soap in here. let's pretend there's soap.

>> okay.

>> what kind of soap?

>> you could use brush cleaner. i also like to use baby shampoo . dip your brush in. pretend this is soapy water.

>> yeah.

>> and then you take off a lot of the moisture and so you need a plain thing of water as well.

>> yeah.

>> you clean it.

>> you rinse it in that water, take it, clean it off like this. get all the moisture off and the trick is don't just put it on a towel because it's going to be mildewy. i like to do it where it's hanging off the counter so it air dries.

>> gets its shape back.

>> if you don't know what to do, go for a bright lipstick, like you're wearing today. i won't, because i don't look good in bright lipstick.

>> i don't believe that.

>> i do not. i do not.

>> let's try one right now. just kidding. go for it.

>> i'm not going to do it.

>> thank you for the lesson.